How to start a PNHP chapter

1.   Contact PNHP at (312) 782-6006 or The National Organizer will help you to identify PNHP members in your area to send an invitation to help form a chapter, and provide a start-up guide for your group.

2.   Have an initial meeting of interested physicians or health professionals. Your group should discuss the following:

•     What does your chapter hope to accomplish? What kinds of leadership roles are needed to facilitate those actions?
•     How often will your chapter meet, and how?
•     What geographic area will your chapter cover?
•     How will your chapter be structured and how will your group make decisions?
•     How will your chapter grow? Who do you hope to recruit into your chapter?
•     What kinds of groups/civic organizations will your chapter partner with, if any? Is there a process for working with other like-minded groups?

3.   Create a “Chapter Charter.” A Chapter Charter is a statement of intent to the national headquarters of PNHP (see template here). The charter should be signed by at least five founding members, at least three of whom should be physicians. Send your signed charter to, fax to 312-782-6007, or send by mail to 29 E. Madison Street, Suite 1412, Chicago, IL 60602. Please indicate a primary contact for correspondence.

4.   All signatories of the Chapter Charter should be members of PNHP, or join PNHP upon signing. Become a member here:

5.   Begin planning a kick-off event, such as a film screening, panel discussion or speaker.
The National Organizer at PNHP can help you with ideas, acquire the rights to show certain films, provide lists of members to invite, and help book speakers from PNHP. Check out the Get Active section of the PNHP website for more inspiration:

6.   Join the PNHP monthly national conference calls. Email to make sure the announcement of your new chapter is on the agenda so we can recognize and welcome your group!

Looking to start a student chapter at your medical or health professional school? Click here for specific student chapter information.