HR 676 General Resolution

(HR 676)

WHEREAS everyone deserves access to affordable quality health care; and

WHEREAS the number of Americans without health insurance now exceeds 47 million; and

WHEREAS millions with insurance have coverage so skimpy that a major illness would lead to financial ruin, and medical illness and bills contribute to one-half of all bankruptcies; and

WHEREAS proposals for "consumer directed health care" would worsen this situation by penalizing the sick, discouraging prevention and saddling many working families with huge medical bills; and

WHEREAS managed care and other market-based reforms have failed to contain health care costs, which now threaten the international competitiveness of U.S. manufacturers; and

WHEREAS administrative waste stemming from our reliance on private insurers consumes one-third of health spending; and

WHEREAS U.S. hospitals spend 24.3% of their budgets on billing and administration while hospitals under Canada's single payer system spend only 12.9%; and

WHEREAS American physicians are inundated with bureaucratic tasks and costs that Canadian physicians avoid; and

WHEREAS Harvard researchers estimated that more than $300 billion could be recovered by replacing private insurance companies with a single public payer, enough to cover the uninsured and to improve coverage for all those who now have only partial coverage; and

WHEREAS "consumer directed health care" adds yet another expensive layer of bureaucrats -- the financial firms that manage health savings accounts; and

WHEREAS entrusting care to profit-oriented firms diverts billions of dollars to outrageous incomes for CEOs and threatens the quality of care; and

WHEREAS The US National Health Insurance Act which would assure universal coverage of all medically necessary services, contain costs by slashing bureaucracy, protect the doctor patient relationship, assure patients a completely free choice of doctors, and allow physicians a free choice of practice settings; NOW THEREFORE

BE IT RESOLVED that____________________________________ expresses its support for The US National Health Insurance Act (HR 676), and calls upon federal legislators to work towards its enactment within the current Congress.