Sample Letter to Legislators

Use as is, or (better yet) add some details from your own experience and/or locale

Dear Senator / Representative,

I write as a constituent - and as a physician who serves our state - to express my support for single-payer national health insurance and to urge you to co-sponsor HR 676, the U.S. National Health Insurance Act.

As a physician, I see the results of our health care crisis every day. More than 46 million Americans are uninsured. Even for those lucky enough to have insurance, rising costs and deteriorating coverage cause more than one-in-four (28 percent) to go without needed care because they can't afford it. Indeed, of the one million Americans bankrupted by medical bills annually, more than three-quarters had insurance when they got sick.

Single-payer national health insurance would save enough on administrative paperwork - more than $300 billion per year - to provide comprehensive coverage to all Americans. It would provide full choice of doctor and hospital for patients, and unleash physicians from arbitrary corporate dictates over patient care. It would control the health expenses currently crippling our economy and provide for a wholesome revitalization of our democratic values.

Please join with the 70 percent of Americans who support such a system and co-sponsor HR 676.


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