Warren County Board Resolution

Warren County Commission
McMinnville, Tennessee

Regular Session
October 17, 2005


A RESOLUTION urging Warren County's representatives
in the Congress of the United States to endorse, support and
work for the passage of HR 676, known as the United States
National Health Insurance Act.

WHEREAS Warren County taxpayers contribute to the financial support of the health insurance system for its public-school teachers and ancillary personnel; and

WHEREAS the local tax subsidy is a minor factor in the school employees' health insurance outlays but nevertheless represents, in the aggregate, a substantial cost to local taxpayers; and

WHEREAS present economic realities militate against significant increases in local government contributions to school employees' health insurance premiums; and

WHEREAS the Tennessee Education Association calculates that the net "take-home" pay for Warren County teaches ranks next to last among Tennessee's 136 local school districts, a disparity in which the high cost of health insurance and the relatively low local subsidy are dominant factors; and

WHEREAS this commission's Education Committee found in a hearing October 10, 2005, that the higher subsidies offered by competing school systems have figured in the decision by some experienced Warren County teachers to leave the local system and this community for employment situations in other systems; and

WHEREAS pending legislation in the Congress of the United States (HR 676, The United States National Health Insurance Act) would make quality health care available to all American citizens; and

WHEREAS we recognize among the civil rights of all American citizens reasonable access to competent, effective and timely medical, surgical and rehabilitative care appropriate to each person's need;

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Warren County Commission that this statement be forwarded to US Senators Bill Frist and Lamar Alexander, and to US Representative Lincoln Davis, as an expression of support for the legislative objectives of HR 676.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this local legislative body call upon the said United States Senators and Representative to support passage of HR 676, and that each be asked by this commission's chair to reply within 45 days from adoption of this resolution to advise this body of his position with respect to that proposed legislation.