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We write to offer you an excellent grand rounds topic: “Health Reform in the Trump Era: Moving Forward from the ACA to Single Payer.” Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP) can provide you with an expert physician speaker on this topic.
PNHP has long engaged physicians in the U.S. health reform debate. Since our proposal for single-payer national health insurance appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine (1/12/89) and JAMA (8/13/03), our membership has grown to more than 20,000 physicians, including many of the most respected members of our profession. Our most recent proposals appeared in the American Journal of Public Health and the BMJ, summaries enclosed. PNHP leaders have made important contributions to the literature, including studies documenting that:

  • Medical bills contribute to 60 percent of personal bankruptcies. (Am. J. Med., 2009, along with then-Prof. Elizabeth Warren)
  • Administration consumes 31 percent of U.S. health spending, wasting about $500 billion annually. (NEJM, 2003; Health Affairs, 2014)
  • At least 30,000 Americans die annually due to lack of insurance. (Am. J. Pub. Health, 2009)
  • Tax-funded expenditures account for 64.3 percent of U.S. health spending (AJPH, 2016)
  • Americans are less healthy and have worse access to care than do Canadians. (AJPH, 2006)
  • Undocumented immigrants prop up the Medicare Trust Fund, contributing billions more each year than they take out. (J. Gen. Intern. Med., 2015).

A grand rounds might feature a single speaker analyzing problems in the health care system that remain despite the ACA, and the case for national health insurance. Alternatively, grand rounds might be organized in a debate format, with a PNHP speaker and a physician with an alternate point of view. Many of our speakers are prepared to address related issues such as payment reforms like ACOs and MACRA, and quality improvement.

This type of grand rounds can assist residency programs in fulfilling ACGME’s Systems-based Practice competency requirement.   

Click here to see a list of sample speakers. We have many additional speakers throughout the U.S., and most of our physician members volunteer to speak with little or no honoraria unless travel is required.

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