An Open Letter to Secretary Sebelius and President Obama regarding the Institute of Medicine’s recommendations on the Essential Benefits under the 2010 Health Reform Law

We protest the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) recommendation that cost rather than medical need be the basis for defining the “essential benefits” that insurance policies must cover when the federal health reform law takes effect in 2014. If adopted by the Department of Health and Human Services, this recommendation will sacrifice many lives and cause much suffering. We call on Secretary Sebelius and President Obama to reject them.

The IOM proposal would base the required coverage on the benefits typical of plans currently offered by small businesses – enshrining these skimpy plans as the new standard. These bare-bones policies come with a long list of uncovered services and saddle enrollees with unaffordable co-payments and deductibles.

Already, millions of underinsured Americans forgo essential care: adults with heart attacks delay seeking emergency care1; children forgo needed primary and specialty care2; patients fail to fill prescriptions for lifesaving medications3; and serious illness often leads to financial catastrophe4.

The inadequate coverage the IOM recommends would shift costs from corporate and government payers onto families already burdened by illness. Yet this strategy will not lower costs. Delaying care often creates even higher costs. Steadily rising co-payments and deductibles over the past two decades have failed to stem skyrocketing medical inflation. And nations that assure comprehensive coverage – with out-of-pocket costs a fraction of those in the United States – have experienced both slower cost growth and greater health gains than our country.

Our patients urgently need what people in these other nations already enjoy: universal and comprehensive coverage in a nonprofit system that prioritizes human need over corporate profit.

The IOM committee was riddled with conflicts of interest, many members having amassed personal wealth through their involvement with health insurers and other for-profit health care firms. Its recommendations were lauded by insurance industry leaders who have sought to undermine real health reform at every turn. As the Lancet noted on its Dec. 5, 2009, cover: “Corporate influence renders the U.S. government incapable of making policy on the basis of evidence and the public interest.”5

Sadly, the committee’s damaging recommendations suggest that this corporate bug has also infected the IOM.

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Jeffrey Aaron
Nicolas Abreu
Henry L. Abrons, MD, MPH
Thomas Abrunzo, MD, MS, MPH
Pippa Abston, MD, PhD
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Christine Adams, PhD
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Nicki Edward Handler, MSW
Hedda Haning, MD
Barbara Hanke
Robert Hanke
Brian Hanlon
Dennis Hannon
Cynthia Haq, MD
Sharron Harcarik, RN
Sabrina Hardenbergh, PhD
Amanda Harding, MEd
George Hardman, MD
Forest Harlan
Jill Harmer, PhD
Ellen Harootunian, RN, MSW
Peter Harrelson, MD
Charlene Harrington, RN, PhD, FAAN
Jean Harrington
Daniel Harris, MD
Judith Harris, BSN, MA, CHES
Victoria Harris, EdD
Barry Hart
Ian Hart, PhD
Rick Hart
Stephen Hart, MD
Alan Hartstein, MD
Ann Harvey, MD
Carolyn Harvey, DPM
Lois Harvey
Ralph Harvey, DVM, MS
Stanley Hase
Theresa Hash
Steven Hashiguchi, MD
Susan B. Haskell, MPH
Susan Hasti, MD
Anna Hatchett, MD
Marie Haugen
Michelle Hauser, MD, MPA
Roland Hawkins, MD, PhD
Robert Haxby, MD
Konrad Hayashi, MD, MPH & TM
Michael J. Healy, MS
Bob Hebrank
Frederick Hecht, MD
Richard Heckler
Mark Heffington, MD, FAAFP
Ruth Heifetz, MD, MPH
Leslye Heilig, MD
Paul Heineken, MD
Thomas Heinz, MD, MPH
Dale Heisinger, MD
Laura Helfman, MD
Ida Hellander, MD
Jerome Helman, MD
Joann Henderson
Stuart Henderson
Marissa Hendrickson, MD
Matt Hendrickson, MD
Patricia Hennessy, MD, MPH
George Henning, MD
Keith Henry, MD
Marshelle Henry, RN, MS
Deirdre Hensen, VMD
Mary Herbst, MS
Eric Herde
Robert Herman, MD
Ted Herman
Patrick H. Herndon, MD, DO
Susan Herndon, OD
Vicki Herndon
David Herszenson , MD
Teresa Hervada, MD
William S. Herz, MD
Andre Herzegovitch
Caroline Herzenberg, PhD
Elaine Herzog, EdD
B. Mark Hess, MD
Joseph Hess, MD
Stephen Hessl, MD, MPH
Philip Hewes
Pattie Heyman, LICSW
Matt Hicks, DMD
DeAnne K. Hilfinger Messias, RN, PhD, FAAN
Barbara Hill, RN
Ross Hill, MD, CM
David Himmelstein, MD, FACP
Jennifer Hines, MD
David Hinkle, MD
Jenny Hinson, MD
Barbara Hinsz, MSW, LICSW
Bruce Hirsch, MD
Calvin Hirsch, MD
Milton Hirshberg, MD
Thomas Hirt, MD
Chi Hua Ho
Marie Hobart, MD
Paul Hochfeld, MD
Karen Hochman, MD, MPH
Christopher Hodgman, MD
John Hodgson, MD
Marcia Hofer, PhD
Ricardo Hofer, PhD
Sheila Hoff
Jane Hoffman
James Holden
Danielle Holland, BSN
June Hollins
Allen Holloway, MD
Halsted Holman, MD
Thomas Holmes, MD
Sandra Holt
Lorri Holzberg, MA, RD, CDE
David Holzsager, MD
Elaina Honeycutt, DO
Usha Honeyman, DC, ND
Bonnie Hong, RN
Karen Hopenwasser, MD
Edward Horn
Deborah Hornstra, MA
Susan Horowitz, MD, MPH
Peggy Hosford, MD
Jonathan House, MD
Matthew Howie, MD
John Hubbard, MBA, MDiv, DMin
Thomas Hubbell, MD
Joel Huberman, PhD
James Hudson, MD
Pedro Huertas, MD, PhD
Sarah Huertas, MD, MPH
Douglas Huestis, MD
Janice Huff, MD
Gary Huffaker, MD
Charles Huffine, MD
Dennis Hughes, MD
Ruth Hugo
Maryellen Humes, MD
Jennifer Humiston, MLS
Jeff Hummel, MD
Catherine Hunt, BSN
Gerald Hunt
Jean Hunt, RNCBS
Robertta Hunt
Vincent Hunt, MD
Jane Hunter, MD
Kristin Huntoon, DO, PhD
Margaret Husk, MD
Jane Hutcheson, RN, MSN
Lee Hutchings
June Hyman-Cismoski, PhD
Christopher Hyson, MD
Erin Imler, MD
Leonard Inch
Peter Ingraldi, MD
Dana Iorio, MN, ARNP
John Irwin, MD
Richard Ismach, MD, MPH
Clifford Issacoff, PhD
Sharon Istfan, MD
Yuruk Iyriboz, MD
Laurence Jacobs, MD
Louis J. Jacobson, PhD
Mark Jacoby, MD
David James, MD
Rebecca James, BSN
Joan Janusz, MSN
Stephen Janusz
Catherine Jarosz, COA
Joseph Jarvis, MD, MSPH
Jesse Jaso, MD
Stephen Jay, MD
Mary Jeannotte, PhD
Carl Jeffcoat
Judy Jeffcoat
Martina Jelley, MD
Judith Jenkins, DNP
Bob Jensen, DO
Roy Jensen, MD
Joan Jeung, MD
Andres Jimenez, MD
Jerome Joffe, PhD
Alice Johnson, DDS
Anne B. Johnson, MD
F. Leonard Johnson, MB BS
Mark Johnson, PhD
Robert Arnold Johnson, MD
Sara Johnson, RN, MSN
Stephen Johnson, MD
Stephen P. Johnson, MD
William Johnson, MD
Lauren Johnson-Lavender, MSN, RN, ACNP-BC
David Jolly, DrPH
Camilla Jones, MD
Dawn Jones
Jeff Jones
Pam Jones
William Jordan, CRNP
Lerla Joseph, MD
Robert Kabir-Clark
Norty Kalishman, MD
Hildegard Kallweit
Matthew Kalman, MD
David Kangas, BSN
Stanley Kantor, DO, MD
Lydia Kapell, MD
Jeffrey Kaplan, MD
Jeffrey Kaplan, MD, MS
Leonard Kaplan, MD
Mark Kaplan, MD, PhD
Michael Kaplan, MD
Peter Kaplan, PhD
Marlene Kasman, PhD
Richard Kast, MD
Thomas Kasten, MD
Anne Kastor, MD
Aaron Katz, CPH
Barbara J. Katz, MD, MPH
Estelle Z. Katz
Andrew Kaufman, MD
Rosemary Kean, RNCS, MS
Laurence Kedes, MD
James Keegan
Marilyn Keegan
Pamela Keeley, RN
Chris Keenan
Guy Keenan, JD
Stephen R. Keister, MD
David Keith, JD
Betty Keller, MD
Elizabeth Kelley, MD
Jason Kelley, MD
Judith Kellman, MD
Pamela Kellogg, MD
Robert Kellogg, MD
Rebecca Kellum, MD
Janet Kelly, MEd
Stephen Kemble, MD
Oliver Kendall, MD
Owen Kendall
Thomas Kennedy, PhD
David Kern, MD
Tanya Kern, MD
Harry Kershner, MA, LVN
Howard Kessler, MD
Daniel Kessler , MD
Forrest Ketchin, PhD
Asra Khan, MD
Asghar Kheshti, MS
Howard Kibel, MD
D.S. Kiefer
Dan Kiefer, JD
Robert Kiefner, MD
Charles Killingsworth, PhD
Stanley Kilty, MD, MPH
Eun Kim
Simeon Kimmel
Jeffrey Kin, MD
Charles King, MD
Kathleen King, MD
Lambert King, MD, PhD, FACP
Lucy Jane King, MD
Ruth Kinney
Bryce Kinsey
Janet Kirby, MD
Albert Kirk, STD
Molly Kirkconnell, MD
Jonathan Kirsch, MD
Lewis Kirshner, MD
Dana Kissner, MD
Troy Kleffman
Martina Klein, MD
Rona Klein, MD
Peter Kliewer, MD
Shirley Kline
Thomas Kluzak, MD
Ruth Knagenhjelm
Alice Knapp, JD
John Knight, DO
Robert Knott
Richard Knutson, JD
Sally Knutson, MA
Tomasz Kobylanski, MD
Edyth Koch, RN
Martha Koester, PhD
Donald Kollisch, MD
David Kolva, MD
Jeff Komisarof, MD
Gabriel Komjathy, MD, FRCSC
Joel Konikow, MD
Michael Kooiker Brostoski, DO, MBA
Gaye Kopas
Ann Simon Koppelman, PsyD
Sean Korb
Susan Korbel, FNP, MS
Diane Korsower, MD
Jonathan Kotch, MD, MPH, FAAP
Jonathan Kotch, MD, MPH, FAAP
Robert Kraftowitz, MD
Anne Krantz, MD

Bob Krasen, MDiv
Richard Krathen, MD
James Kratzer, MD, MPH
Karen Krause, RN, MPH, CNEA, BC
Rachel Kreier, PhD
James Kreisle, MD
Michelle Krug
Carol Krush, MD
Kristina Kubicka
Calvin Kunin, MD
Natashe Kupras
Barbara Kurtz, MA
David Kuter, MD
Pauline Kuyler, MD
Frank La Croix
Roger LaBonte, MD, FACP
Lyn Laboriel, MD
Tim Lachman, MD
Burritt Lacy, MD
Kathyrn Lagerblad
Tracee Laing, MD
Michael Lakin, PhD
A. O'tayo Lalude, MD
Emmet Lamb, MD
Tim Lambert, DO
Sharon LaMothe
Donald Landstrom
Angela Lane
Roger Lane
Amy Lange, RN, MS, CNM
Mary Lang-Furr, MD, MPH
Frederick Langheim, MD, PhD
Kristin Langlykke , RN, MSN
Ellen Lapowsky, CNM
Barbara Larcom
Michele Larocque
Laura Lasater, MD
Joseph Lasek, MD
Nancy Lasner, RN
Caitlin Lassus, MD
Patrick Latham, PhD
Deborah Lathrop, MD
Renee Latimer, MSN, APRN
Marc H. Lavietes, MD
Gunnbjorg Lavoll, MD
Lynette Lazarus, RN, BSN, MSN
Chinh Le, MD
Carol Lebeiko, MD
Joseph Lebenzon, MD, DLFAPA
Dara Lee, MD
David Lee, MD
Myoung-Sun Lee, MD
Sandy Lee
Wendy Leffel, MD
Carol Leger, BSN
Dana Lehman, PhD
Marcia Lehman, LPN
David Lehnherr, MD
Lawrence Leichtman, MD
Matthew Leinung, MD
Roseanne Leipzig, MD, PhD
Ellen Leitzer, JD
Mark Leland
Judith Lelchook-Lohman, MHA
Connie Lemke
Ricardo Lemos, MD
Allen Lempel, MD
Joe Lendvai
V. Ted Leon, MD, MPH
Eduardo Leon Guerrero, MD
Amber Lerma, MD
Barry Lerner
Robert Lerner, MD
Joyce Leslie, MD
Gerson Lesser, MD
Eric Lessinger, MD
Ann Lettes, MD
Beth LeValley
Mary Levendos, MSW
Roger Leverette, MD
Leon Levin, MD
Sara Levin, MD, FACP
Andrew Levitas, MD
Joseph Levitt, MD, MS
Meldon Levy, MD
Janet Lewis, MD
Nancy Lewis, FNP, MSN
Neil Lewis, MS
Patricia Lewis, DNP
Richard Lewis, MD
Richard J. Lewis, MD
Van Lewis
Alan Lezak
Thomas Lieb, MD
E. James Lieberman, MD, MPH
Mark Liebow, MD
Judith Lienhard
Donald Light, PhD
Jessica Lin
Martha Lincoln
Ronald Lind, MD
Lisa Lindberg
Ruth Lindeman, PA-C
Susan Linden
Jonathan Lindgren, MD
Susan Lippman
Charles Lippold
Robert Lipscomb, MD
Robert Lipton
Martha Livingston, PhD
Katherine Lobach, MD
James Locher, DC
Hardy Loe, MD, MPH
Kenneth Logan, MD
Jack Lohman
Carolyn Long, MA
Maryann Long, MPH
Edgar Lopez, MD, FACS
Janice Lorenzen, MD, PhD, JD
David Lotto, PhD
Celia Louderback
David Low, MD, PhD
Henry Lowendorf, PhD
Edward Lowenstein, MD
Bernard Lown, MD
Mary Lowry, JD, LLM, LPC
Richard Lucarelli, DO
Diane Lucas, MD, PhD
Howard Lucas, MD
Madison Lucas, MD
Eleanor Luce, MD
Daniel Lugassy, MD
Ante Lundberg Sr., MD
Alston Lundgren, MD
Ellen Lunz
Daniel Lutzker, PhD
Stephanie Lynch
Kathleen Lynn
Martin Lynn, DPM
Michael Lyon, MS
Sally A. Lyons, RN
Terese Lyons
Thomas Maack, MD, PhD
Molly Maass, MPAS
Timothy Macchio
B.C. Macdonald, MSEd
Judy MacDonell, BSRT
Cynthia MacDougall, MSW
Michael Macklin, MD
Roger Macklin, MD
Katherine MacLean, PhD
William MacPhee, MD, CM
Kevin MacWade, PhD
Linda Mahan, MEd
Paul Maher, MD
Mary Mahern, MD
Peter Mahr, MD
Sarah Maier, MD
David Mair, MD
Salem Makdah, MD
Marvin Malek, MD, MPH
Deepak Malhotra, MD, PhD
Philip Malinas, MD
Ana Malinow, MD
Maria-Laura Mancianti, MD
Margaret Mandosa, PA
Marion Mangapit
David Mann, MD
Carlotta Mannheim
Howard Mannheim
Michael Mansfield
Oscar Marcilla, MD
Jack David Marcus, MPH, MSW
Deborah Margules, MD
Mary Ellen Marino
Roger Mark, MD, PhD
Rose Markham
William Markle, MD
Vince Markovchick, MD
John Markowitz, MD
Robert P. Marlin, MD, PhD
Nina Marlowe, MD
Sean Maroney, MD
Zane Maroney
Douglas Marratta, MD
John Marsh, MD
William Marsh, PhD
Ethel Ann Marshall, MT(ASCP)BS
Kathryn Marshall, MD
R. Marti
Donald Martin, RN, MA
Donald Martin, MD
George M. Martin, MD
Linda Martin
Tracey Martin, MA
Lorraine Martinez, DO
Bob Mason , MSW
Appleton Mason III, MD
Serafeim Masouredis, MD, PhD
Barry Massie, MD, FACC
Milton Masur, MD
Jane Mather, PhD
Paul Mathew, MD
Norman Mathews, MA
Deborah Matro, MD
Krista Matsen, MD
James Matthews, OD
Leland Matthews, MD
Catherine Matthias
John Gary Maxwell, MD
Jeffery A. May, MD
Kendra May, MPH
Amanda Mayer, MD
Jack Mayer, MD, MPH
Martin Mayer, MD, MPH
Gale Maynard, MSW
Steven Maynard, MD
Carole McArthur, MD, PhD
Joseph McCabe, MD
Justine McCabe, PhD
Rebekah McCann
Don McCanne, MD
Lon McCanne, MD
Judy McCarver, MD
Wanda McClanahan, MA
David G. McComb, PhD
Mary Alice McComb, PhD
Peter McConarty, MD
Danny McCormick, MD, MPH
Mary McCormick, PhD
Anne McCue, MD
Anne McCue, MD
Michael McCurdy, MD
Ann McGaffey, MD
Nancy McGahay
Robert McGann, MD, MS, FAAFP
Beth McGarry, RN, MEd
Kathleen McGrail, MD
Lance McGregor
Peter McGuire, MD, CM
Greg McHolm, MD, MPH
Patricia McHugh, MA
Sarah McKee, LLB
Susan J. McKenney, RN
Michael McKinney
David McLanahan, MD
Rogers McLane, MD
Stephanie McLaughlin
Alison McLeod, RN, BSN
Janet McMahon, DO
P.V. McMillian
Roberta McNair, MA
Sally McNamara, PT, MS
Anthony McNevin, LHD
Sarah McUmber-House
Anna Meadows, MD
Christopher Meagher
Theodore Megremis, MD
Anita Mehra, MSW
Elisabeth Meier
James Melloh, MD, MSc
Bert Menco, PhD
Robert Mendelsohn, MD
Sherry Mendoza
Marion Mengert
Julius Menrath
Mathias Menrath
Fritz Menzel
Michael Meo, MS
Lawrence Meredith, MD
Michael Merhige, MD
Stephen Merritt, MA, LADC-I
Peter Metcalf, MB, CHB, FRCPC, FAAP
Samuel Metz, MD
Jane Meyer
Patrick Meyer, MD
Rob Meyer, MD
Suzanne Meyer, MD
Alan Meyers, MD
Paul Meyer-Strom, MD
John Mezoff, MD
Kathleen Mezoff, MD
Dwight Michael, MD
Barbara Michelin, RN
David P. Michener, MD, MD, MPH
Larry Middaugh
Alan Miller, MD, MPH
Greg Miller, RN
Joseph M. Miller, MD, MPH
Kevin Miller, MD
Louise Miller, MA, BSN
Mark Miller, MD
Maureen Miller
Robert Miller, MD
Susan MIller, MD, PSF, FAAFP
Thomas Miller, MD
Victoria Miller, RN
Janice Minardi
Ivy Starr Minely, JD
Ira Mintzer, MD
Gabriella Miotto, MD
Michael Miovic, MD
Nina Mirante, RN
Eulia Quan Mishima
Donald Mitchell, MD
Laura Mitchell, BSN
Peter Mitchell, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, COHNS
Paul Mitrani, MD, PhD
Paula M. Mixson
Peter Mjos, MD
Jane Mobley, MD
Lewis Mock, DC
Fariba Modares, MD
Thomas Moffett
Diane Mohit, MSN
Ann Molison, MS
Chris Moller, MD
Lennart Moller, MD
Earl Mongeon
Ira Monosson, MD
Freddie Monroe, RN
Monty Monroe, MSW, LICSW
Jairo Mauricio Montezuma, MD
James Moody, PharmD
Sheri Moor
Hugh Moore, RN
Michele Moore
Laura Morales, PA-C, MPH
John Moran, MD
V. Tupper Morehead, MD, MDiv
Jacqueline Morgan, JD
Evan Morrison, MD
Fred Morrison, MEd
Laura Morrison, MD
Mary Morrison, MD
Sarah Morrison, MD
Geoffrey Morrow
Lesley Mortimer, MSN, MPH
Charles Moser, MD, PhD
Richard Moskowitz, MD
Mike Moss, MFA
Tracy Mott, PhD
Jean Mouch, MD, MSc in MCH, MPH
Peter Moyer, MD, MPH
David Moynahan, MD
Nahid Mozaffarian
Laurene Mraz-Peterson, RN
John F. Mueller, MD
Erna Mugnaini, MD
Dave Muir Jr
Robert Mulcahy, MD
Linda Muller, FNP
Jim Mulligan, MA
Kathy Mullins
Dorothy Mundy, PhD
Joseph A. Mungai, RN
Tim Munier, RN, BSN
Betty Munson, NP
Judith Murphy, MD
William Murphy
Patricia Murrin, RN, MPH
Mumtaz Mustapha, MD
Jos. A. Mustich
Kamau Mweru, MD
Kathleen Myers, DDS
Mark Myers, MD
Wayne Myers, MD
Robert Nachtman, PhD
Robin E. Nadeau
Pauline Nager, MLS
Rachel Nardin, MD
Simeon Nartoomid
Susan Nash
Scott Nass, MD, MPA
Barry Nathan, MD
Susan Nathan
Christopher Nauman, MD
Eric Naumburg, MD, MPH
Phil Neal
Wanda Needleman, MD
Robert Needlman, MD
Carolyn Negrete, BSN
Doris Nelson
Zamir Nestelbaum, MD, MPH
Mary Nesvig, MD
Daniel Neuspiel, MD, MPH
Irene Nevil
Michael Nevins, MD
Bonnie New, MD, MPH
J. Paul Newell, MD
Jan Newman, MD, FACS, ABIHM
Christine Newsom, MD
Margaret Newton, MD
Jeffrey Nichols, MD
Rael Nidess, MD
Pam Niedermayer
Lisa Nilles, MD
James Nora, MD
Curtis Nordgaard, MSc
Jane Nordli
Charles North, MD, MS
Judy Northrop, RB, BSN, MA
George Northrup, PhD
Deborah Norton
Ronald Norton
Dennis Novack, MD
Deborah Novak, MD
Eva Nove, MA, MBA
William Nyhan, MD, PhD
Leslie Nyman, RN
James Oberheide, MD
Jessica O'Brien, MEd
Marilyn O'Brien
Mary O'Brien, MD
Patrick O'Brien
Bernard Offerman, PHD
Barbara Ogur, MD
Beverly Ohneck-Holly, MSN
Christopher Oleskey, MD, MPH
Luci Olewinski
J. C. Ols
Thelma Olsen, RN
Allan Olson, DO
Maxine Olson
J. Olzowka
Barbara Oman
Steven Opal, MD
Helen O'Reilly
Shlomo Orr, PhD
Scott Osberg, PhD
Linda Osborn, MA
Nancy Oskow-Schoenbrod, EdD
Laurie Ososky, CNM, MSN
Hugh Overy, MD
Dwight Oxley, MD
Anne Ozment, RN
Lleni Pach, MD
Charles Paddack, MD
Eileen Padgett, RN, MSN
Robert Padgug, PhD
Patricia Pafundi, RPh
Jonathan Pak, MD
Henry Palmer, MD
Jennifer Palmer, MD
Karen Palmer, MPH, MS
William Palmer, MD
Leslie Palmerlee, MPH
Anthony L. Palomba, MD
Susan Panny, MD
Prasad Panthagani, MD, FRCS, MRCOphth
Timothea Papas
P.G. Parameswaran, MD
Carol Paris, MD
Denice Park, PsyD
Louise Parker, PhD
Henriette Parkman, MD
William Parks, MD
Lisa Parlato, MSW
Cheryl Parmely, EdD
Darrell Parsons
David Parsons
Don Parsons, MD
Elizabeth Parsons, PsyD
Francis Pasley, MD
Ted Pastras
Samrat Pathania
George Pauk, MD
William Paule, MD
Jean Pauline
Austin Ted Paulnack, MD
Joyce Pavlicek
Jane Gregory Payne, MD
Glenn Pearson, MD
Jill Pearson
Julie Keller Pease, MD
Margaret Pechota, PhD
Robert Peck, MD
Sandra Peck, MA
Pamela Pedersen, MD
Jamie Pehling, MD
William Pelz
Clyde Pence, MD
Maarten Pennink
Paul Pentel, MD
Martha Perez
Catalina Perez-Lacey, MD
Philip Perilstein, MD
Mark Perkins
Mark Perkins
Lawrence Perlman, PhD
Barbara Perlmutter, MD
Dawn Perry, PhD
Muhammad Ali Pervaiz, MD
Albert Pesant, MS
Carol Peters, LC, LMHC
Christen Peters, JD
Christine Petersen, MD
Birgitta Peterson, MD
Dennis Peterson, MBA
Donald Peterson
Glen Peterson, PhD
Marc Petrillo, LPN
Lynn Petrovich
Janis Petzel, MD
Christina Pham, MD
Elaine Phelps, PhD
Walter Phillippi
Ann Phillips
Charlotte Phillips, MD
James Phillips, MD
Ryan Phillips
Theodore J. Phillips, MD
Tomi Phillips
Tomm Pickles, DMD, MPH
Janet Pielke, MD
Nina Pierpont, MD, PhD
Bredy Pierre-Louis, MD
Richard Pierson, MD
Simon Piller, MD
Linda Pinsky, MD
Matthew Pius, MD
Scott Plantier
Tim Plenk
Lisa Plymate, MD
Bhagwati Poddar, PhD
William Pollack, PhD
Wendy Pollock, DC, CCH
Edward Pontius, MD
Ed Pool
William W. Pope, MD, MPH
Julia Popenoe, MD
Cathee Posin
Stephen Poss, JD
Marcia Poston, MSW
Robert Powel, MD
Elizabeth Powell, MD
Jeanie Powell
Victoria Powell, DO
Barbara Power, RN-BC, MBA
Bobbi Presser, MPH
MaryAnn Preston, RN
Theresa Pretlow, PhD
Thomas Pretlow, MD
Sharon Price, EdD
Charles Priest, JD
Bruce Pringle, PhD
Richard Propp, MD
Charlotte Prozan, MSW, LCSW
Ellen Punyon , MEd
Denise Puthuff, MD
Robert Putsch, MD
Don Pylkkanen, MA
Syed Quadri, MD
Barbara Qualley, BSN
Sylvia Quick, PhD
Richard Quint, MD, MPH
David L. Rabin, MD, MPH
E. John Rager
Maria-Luise Rager
Guna Raj, MBBS
Timothy Ramer, MD
Raymond Ramos, MD
Peggy Ramsey
George Randt, MD
Jennifer Rasanathan, MD
John Ratmeyer, MD
Karen E. Ray
Phoenix Ray, MSW
Terry Raymer, MD
James Recht, MD
Robert Recht
Maureen Redfield, MA
Annette Reed, PhD
Diana Reed, MD
Abigail Reese, CNM, MSN
Monica Regan
Nina Regevik, MD
Diane Rehner
Jaana Rehnstrom, MD, MPH
Virginia Reiber, PhD
William Reichel, MD
Tom Reichenbacher, MD
William Ferguson Reid, MD, MPH
Bridget Reidy, MD
Christopher Reif, MD, MPH
John Reinert
Steven Reisner, PhD
Lynne Reitman, MD
Linda Remy, PhD
Mario Rendon, MD
Patricia Reno
J. Walden Retan, MD
Jennifer Retsinas, MD
Gladys Reynolds, PhD
Philip Rhodes, MD
Dave Rich
Adam Richards, MD, MPH
Don Richardson, MD
Roberta M. Richardson, MD
Susan Richman, MD, MSc
James Richmond, MD
Deborah Richter, MD
Gloria Rickel
Christopher Ricketts, PA
Dolores (Dee) Riddle, MSW
Jovonna Riggins, MPAS
Warden Rimel, MD
Mark Ring
Wendy Ring, MD, MPH
Robert Ringler, MD
Elaine Ristinen, MD, MPH
Albert Ritchey Jr.
Rose Roach
Peter Robbins, MSW
Barbara Roberts, MD
Kirsten Roberts, MD
Lloyd Roberts, MD
Stephen Roberts, MD
carol robertson
Jack Robertson, MD, MPH, MDiv, FACPM
Tom Robischon, PhD
Nancy Roca
Nick Rogers, MB ChB
Susan Rogers, MD, FACP
Linda Rohan, MSN
Kimberly Rohrbach
Alida Rol, MD
Ursula Rolfe, MD
Max Romano
Jennifer Ron, MD
Rebecca Rooney, PhD
Patricia Rosa, RNC, MBA, LNHA
Amanda Rose
Cecile Rose, MD, MPH
Marguerite Rosenthal, PhD
Melvin Rosenthal, MD
Alan Rosner
Johnathon Ross, MD, MPH
Jonathan Ross, MD
Neil Ross, MA
Robert Ross, MD, MSEd
Sonja Rotenberg, MSW
Jessica Roth, MD
Michael Roth
Mark Rothacher
Herbert Rothenberg, MD
Marcia Rothenberg, MA
Johann Rothwangl, MD
Richard Rougex, MD
Michele Roumell, MSN
Lewis P. Rowland , MD
Rachel Rubin, MD, MPH
Susan Rubin, MD, MPH
Theresa Ruelle, LMSW
Floyd Rumohr, MFA
William Runkle
Jack Rush, MD
Harriet Russell, MA, CCC-SLP
John Rust, MD
Claudia Rutherford, PhD
Dave Ruud, MD
J. Mark Ryan, MD
Stephanie Sabar, MSW
Mohammad Saeed, MD
Harold Saferstein, MD
Kenneth Saffier, MD
Irene Saikevych, MD
Myrna Sak
Amber Sakuda, MD
Robert Salinger, MD
Elizabeth Salisbury-Afshar, MD, MPH
Eric Salk, MD, MPH
J. Warren Salmon, PhD
Tim Saltonstall
Martha Salyers, MD, MPH
Paul Salzberg, MD
Waheeda Samady, MD
Mutya San Agustin, MD
Alicia Sanchez, MD
Ken Sandin
Christine Sandow
Dagny SanMiguel
Ceferino Santiago, MD
Marcosa Santiago, MD
Robert Saqueton, MD, FACP
Barbara Sarah, LCSW
Barry Saver, MD, MPH
Wendy Saville, MD
Philip C. Sawyer
Jessica Schorr Saxe, MD
Andrew Saxon, MD
Kenneth Sayers, RN
Barbara Sayres, MD
Edward Scanlon
Jack Scanlon, PhD
William Scar, DMin
Jeffrey Scavron, MD
David Schab, MD
Barbara Schablik, RN, BS
Joseph Schachter, MD, PhD
Michael Schackman, MD
Rebecca Schandel, RN, ADN
Vivian Schatz, MS
Anne Scheetz, MD
Stephen Scheinthal, DO, FACN
Gary Schepper, MSN, FNP
James Schick, MD
Gordon Schiff, MD
Jill Schiff, MD, MPH
Lee Schilling, MD
Steven Schimmel, MD, PhD
John D. Schirack, MD
Gillian Schivone, MD
Peter Schlesinger, MD
Louis Schlickman, MD
Maria Schmidt, MD
Andrew Schmitt, MD
Christopher Schmitt, MD
David Schmitt, MD
Robert Schmitz, MD
Vicki Schnadig, MD
Amy Schneider, MD
Daphne Schneider, MD
Phil Schneider
Constance Schoenberg, PhD
Clifford Schold, MD
Diana F. Scholl
Susan Schommer, MD
Richard Schoor, MD
Roald Schrack, PhD
Annette Schreiber, PhD
Don Schroeder, PhD
Natalie Schroeder
Michael Schroering, MD
Aldebra Schroll, MD
Jason Schulman
Curtis Schultz, MD
Deborah Schumann, MD
John Schuster, MD
Robert Schwab, LCSWA
Ricardo Schweitzer, MD
Katherine Scortino, MA
Ewell Scott, MD
Janet Scott, MS
Jean Scott
Jerry Scruggs, MD
Stephen Seagren, MD
Jay Searles, MS
Portia Seddon
Freddi Segal-Gidan, PA-C, PhD
Rachel Seidel, MD
Janice Seidman, MD
Mark Seifert, MD
Harriette Seiler, MA
Raymond Sell
John Sellechio, OD
Nicholas Selvaggio, MSEE
William Semple, MSW
Kathryn Senecal, MD
Harry Senekjian, MD
Steven Serikaku
Ann Seror, PhD
Ann Settgast, MD
John W. severinghaus, MD
Mouna Sfeir, MD
Estelle Shabetai, MA, MSW
Javeed Shah, MD
Priscilla Shaheen, RN, MS, MA, CCSP
Ehsan Shahmir, MD
Gary Shalan, MD
Janet Shalwitz, MD
Craig Shane, MD
Eve Shapiro, MD
Howard Shapiro
Marc R. Shapiro
Robin Shapiro, MSW
Kathleen Shapley-Quinn, MD
David Sharer, MD
Catherine Sharkness, MD
Victoria Sharp, MD
Dennis Shaw, EdD
Timothy Shaw, MD
Laura Sheehan
Thomas Sheehan
Lee Shelton, MD
Kirti Sheth, MD
Paul Shield, MD
Rebecca Shiffman, MD
James Shiffner, PhD
Theodore Shoemaker, MD, MS
Patricia Shoyinka
Hilary Siebens, MD
Edward Siegel, MD
Larry Siegel
Jerry Sielaff, MD
Ralph Siewers, MD
Ralph Siewers, MD
Peter Sigmann, MD
Miriam Signor, MSN
Anaar Siletz
Edward Silha, MSEE
Kenneth Silk, MD
Greg Silver, MD
Marcia Silver, MD
Alice Silverman, MD
Gabriel Silverman
Joel Silverstein, MD
Amy Simantel, MD
Lois Simmons, MD
Paul D. Simmons, PhD
Joan Simon
Mark Simon, MD
David Simpkin
Ronald Simpson, PLS
Stephen Simpson, RPh
Heidi Sinclair, MD, MPH
Donald Singer, MD
Diljeet Singh, MD, DrPH
Sandeep Singla, MBBS, MD
Wlady Sios
Norman J. Sissman, MD
William Skeen, MD, MPH
Dolores A Skerritt
Ana Slack, MSN, FNP
Paige Slade, LCSW, MSS
Elisabeth Small, MD
Barbara Smith
Brian Smith, MD
C. Harvey Smith, MPH
David Smith, MA
Elizabeth Smith, MD
Gordon Smith, MD
Gregory Smith, MD
Robert Smith, MD
Sharon Smith, PsyD
Stephen Smith, LLB
Angela Smithson, MD, MPH
Paul Snodderley, MD
Karnesha Snuggs
Marc Snyder, MD
Susan Soboroff, MD
Stephen Sokol, MD, DTMPH
Irene Solomon, MD
Veronika Solt, MD, FAPA
Antal Solyom, MD, PhD, MA
Meyer Sonis, MD
Jesse Soodalter, MD
Elaine Soost
Karl N. Sorensen
Adam Sorscher, MD
Elizabeth Sousa, MD
Margaret Sowerwine, MD
Nancy Spaeth, RN
Elliott Spanier, MD
Elizabeth Spark, MD
Harry Sparks
Karen Spence
Walter Spencer
William Spickler, MD, PhD
Wayne Spiggle, MD
Roger Spingarn, MD, MPH
Francis Fox Spinks
Carolyn Spiro, MD
Peter Sporn, MD
Fern Springs, MD
Shelby Springs
James Squire, MD
John St. Peter
Stephen Stabile, MD
Christopher Stack, MD
Rebecca Stager
Lynn Staheli, MD
Sara Stalman, MD
Mark Stambovsky, MSN
Susan Standfast, MD, MPH
Rachel Stark, MD, MPH
Donald Starr
Jean Starr
Julie Starr
Rebecca Starr, MD
Rebecca Stauffer, MD
Marcias Stedman, MA
John Steen
Susan Steigerwalt, MD
Ardie Stein
Daniel Stein, MPH
David Stein, MD
Diana Stein, PhD
Gerald Stein, MD, FACP
Alice Stek, MD
Charles Stephens, MD
George Stephens, MD
F. Douglas Stephenson, MSW, LCSW
Martin Stephenson
Sally Stephenson
Denise Sterchi, LICSW
Marna Sternbach, MD
Connie Sterritt, PA
Frances Stewart, MD
John M. Stewart, MD, PhD
Patricia Stewart
Rick Stewart
Roberta Stewart
Audrey Stillerman, MD
Robert E. Stoessel, PhD
Leo Stolbach, MD
Winona Stoltzfus, MD
Connie Stomper, EdD
Rob Stone, MD, FACEP
Patricia Storace
Leo Stornelli, MD
Stephen Stouder, MD
John Stover, MD
Jeanann Stramecki, RN
Irma Strantz, DrPH
Sandra Strauss , MD
Janet Strickler, MA
Arthur Strobeck, MUPP
Eva Strobeck
Jonathan Strongin, MD, PhD
Wayne Strouse, MD
Harry Strunc
Karen Stuart, RN
Karen Stuart, RN
Marian Stuart, PhD
Brian Stufflebam, MD
Mary Sturdevant, FNP
Gabrielle Stutman, PhD
Kate Sugarman, MD
Kip Sullivan, JD
Lawrence Sullivan, PhD
Robert Sullivan, MD
David Summers, MS
Partha Sur
Arthur Sutherland III, MD, FACC
Fumi Suzuki, MD, MPH
John Swartz Sr.
Martha Sweezy, PhD
Melinda Swenson, FNP, PhD
Alice Swift
Charles Swisher, MD
John Sytsma, MD
Reza Taba, MD
Eric Tabb, MPH
Uma Tadepalli
Julie Takatsch, RN
Angela Talley
Howard Tanenbaum, MD
Stephen Tarzynski, MD, MPH
Laura Tas
Molly Tavella, MPH
Ann Taylor, MD
Carolyn Taylor, MA
Henry Taylor, PhD
Jenifer Taylor
Kenneth Taylor, MSW
Muriel K. Taylor, MD
Caroline Teal, MA, LMHC
Brendan Teehan, MD
Edwin Tegenfeldt, MD
Margaret Telfer, MD
Daniel Temple, PhD
Mishka Terplan, MD, MPH
William Thar, MD, MPH
Michael Theodoulou, DPM
Therapists for Single Payer
Susanne Thobe, MD
Ariel Thomann, MD, MS
Bob Thomas
Geoffrey Thomas
Stanley Thomas
Catherine Thompson, MD
Chad Thompson, MD
Lowery Thompson, MD
Frank Thorp, MD, PhD
Steven Thorson, MD
Kay Tillow
Peter V. Tishler, MD
Janet Titus, MD
Jerome Tobis, MD
William Todd
Arlene Tolopko, MSEd
Neal Tomblin
Louise Tomkins, MD
Margaret Tompsett, MB BChir
Frances Toomey, BSN
Judith Toor, MSW
Susan Topper
Peter Torgerson
Leilani M. Torres
Gerald Tovatt, DO
Beth Towner, PhD
Richard Townsend
Mary Traylor, OT
Michael Treece, MD
Harold Treinen, CMA, CAPM
marjorie trifon, MA, MS
Bruce Trigg, MD
Mike Trout
Ann Troy, MD
Walter Tsou, MD, MPH
Gene Tuck
Byron Tucker, MD
Charles Tucker, PhD
Jack Tull, PhD
Ann Tuller, MA
Charles Turk, MD
Donald Turken, MD
Sandra Turner, MD
Carol Tvaroh
John Tveten, MD
William Tyler, MD
Scott Tyson, MD
Bonnie Uffman
Eberhard Uhlenhuth, MD
William Ulwelling, MD, MPH
Annie Umbricht, MD
Lynn Unruh, RN, PhD
Eugene Uphoff, MD
John Urbaitis, MD
Moshe Usadi, MD
Bernardo Useche, PhD
Franckel Val, MD
Odette Valder, MD
Rita Valenti, RN
Jeanne Valentine-Chase, NP
Damian Vallelonga, PhD
Cornelia van der Ziel, MD
Chris Van Hemelrijck, MD
Jane Leatherman Van Praag
Lia van Rijswijk, RN, MSN, CWCN
Art Van Zee, MD
Brandon Vance, MD
Guillermo Vanegas, MD, FACP, FCCP
Wayne Vanek, MS
Susan VanKuiken
Suzanne VanNess
Felix Vasquez, MD
Carey Vaughan, DO
Stephen Vaughan, MD
Philip Verhoef, MD, PhD
Valerie Verity-Mock, RN, CCRN
Stephen Vernon, MA
Bonita Vestal, MD
Robert Vestal, MD
Doris Vician
Alice Villalobos, DVM
Irving Vinger, MDCM
Marion Vittitow, PhD
Corliss Vogel Berman
Kim Vogt, PA-C
Robert von Tobel
Harold Vonk, MD
Jennifer Voorhees, MD
Rita Voors, MS, MSEd
Mary Vorachek, MD
Judy Voth, RN, BSN, MA
John Vuchetich, MD, PhD
Dennis Wack, PhD
Margaret Wacks, MD
Ariel Wagner
Barbara Wagner, MS, BSN
Lois Wagner, PhD
Richard Wahl, MD
Scott Wahrenbrock
Gary Wainer, DO
Doug Waite, MD
Howard Waitzkin, MD, PhD
Jeremy Wakefield, RN
Elizabeth Waldron, MD
Corinne Walentik, MD, MPH
Nancy Walker
Benjamin Walker, MD
Jonathan Walker, MD
Judith Walker, MD
Ruth Walker, MB, ChB, PhD
Sharon Wallace, DO
Lawrence Wallach, MD
Kathlene Waller, MD, MPH
Beverly Walsh, PhD
James Walsh, MD
Debra Walter, MD
Donnal Walter, MD
John Walter, MD
Jasmine Walton
Stacie Walton, MD
Li-hsia Wang, MD
Catherine Ward
Richard Ward
Benjamin Ware
Rebecca Warner, MD
Barbara Warren, Md, MPH
Thomas Washburn, MD
Peter Wasserman, RD, MA
William Waterfield, MD, FACP
Ann Tyler Watlington, MD
Walt Watman, PhD
Richard Waugaman, MD
Milt Waxman, PhD
Roderic Weaver, MD, MPH
Angela Webber, MSN
Betty Weber
Philip Weber
Joel Weddington, MD
Paul Wedel, MD
James Wedell, MD
Michael Weeks, MD
Susan Weeks, PA
Paul Wegehaupt, MD
Julie Wegener, MD
Karen Weihs, MD
Joseph Weinberg, MD
Sarah Weinberg, MD
Daniel Weiner, MD
Jeff Weinfeld, MD
Roger Weingarten, MFA
Anne Weinkauf
Robert Weinsheimer, MD
Judy Weinstein, MLS
Ed Weisbart, MD, CPE, FAAFP
Giudi Weiss
Marshall Weissberger, MD
Jonathan Weker, MD
Pat Weldo
William Wells, MD
Dan Welton, MS
Max wendell
Jens Wennberg, PA
Denise Wesolowski
Cathleen Weston, BSN
Margaret Wheeler, MD, MS
Janice Wheelock
Patrick Whelan, MD, PhD
Esther Whitaker
William Whitaker, PhD
Harry White, MD
Kelly White, MD
Lauren White
Thomas White, PA-C, JD
Philip G. Whitney, MD, FACP
Barbara Whitt
Donna Widmer
Dawn Wilcox, RN
Susan Wildin, MD
Linton Wildrick, MS
John Wilkinson, MHA
David Williams
Gail Williams, MA
Jack Williams
Ruth Williams
Adisa Willmer, MD
Eric Wilson, MD
Erika Wilson, PhD
Andrea Winship, MOM
Clyde Winter
Vashti Winterburg, JD, MBA
Daniel Wirt, MD
Anne Wise, MD, MPH
Mark Withrow, MFA
Geoffrey Wittig, MD
Kenneth Woerthwein, MD
Howie Wolf, MD
Natalya Wolf
David Wolfe, PA, MPH, BSN
Ruthanne Wolfe
Sidney M. Wolfe, MD
Barak Wolff, MPH
Steven Wolfson, MD
Donald Wolochow, MD
Anita Wolpman
Sophy Wong, MD
Dennis Wonn
Robert Wonston, MD, MSc
David Wood
Glorye Wool, MD
Bart Woolery
Steffie Woolhandler, MD, FACP
David Wright
David Wright
Lara Wright, MD
Susan Wu, MD
Joanne Wuerker
David Wylie
Milford Wyman, MD
Brian Yablon, MD
Marc Yacht, MD
Joel Yager, MD
Yavuz Yasar, PhD
Kay Yatabe, MD
Dennis Yee, MD
Edward Yellig, MD
Chesley Yellott, MD
Satyavardhanarao Yerubandi, MD
Howa Yeung
Ruby York
Carol Yost
Barbara Young, MA
Quentin Young, MD
James Zaenglein, MD
Geraldine Zagarella, MD
Robert Zarr, MD, MPH, FAAP
Caroline Zaworski, RN, BSN
Bill Zehring
Lisa Zelinski, RN, BSN
Charlotte Zietlow, PhD
Alyosha Zim, MD
Roger Zimmerman
S. Milton Zimmerman, MD
Leon Zoghlin, MD
Theresa Zukovic
Leonard Zwelling, MD, MBA
David Zwerdling, MD