Join a SNaHP Leadership Team

Get active in the national student movement for single payer by joining a Students for a National Health Program (SNaHP) Leadership Team. SNaHP is the student arm of PNHP, born out of the annual SNaHP Summit each Spring in Chicago.

Any student member of PNHP can join a SNaHP Leadership Team. The teams are made up of medical and health professional students from around the country who schedule monthly conference calls to coordinate regional and national initiatives.  

There are three teams:

Education and Base Building Team

The Education and Base Building Team exists to help grow the student membership in PNHP and organize and support emerging SNaHP chapters.

Political Advocacy Team

This team focuses on coordinating advocacy for national single payer legislation, and also works to assist local SNaHP chapters to coordinate local lobby days and develop localized campaigns.

Coalition Building Team

The Coalition Building Team functions in tandem with the other teams to develop and deepen the relationship between PNHP and other like-minded medical student organizations.

Media Team

The Media Team is a core group of dedicated students who work on the essential communications and social media within SNaHP. Media team members work with the Political Advocacy team and PNHP leaders to write press releases, interface with media, and edit the SNaHP blog.

Contact if you are interested in joining any of the SNaHP Leadership teams, or if you would like to learn more!