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The Washington Post
June 9, 2001

"Health care costs appear to be rising rapidly again after a period in which they were relatively well behaved. Most analysts think that higher rates of increase will persist -- that they represent the norm and the respite was the anomaly."

"Higher health care costs are like a tax increase or an increase in energy costs... They squeeze people out of the health care system; the higher the cost of care, the greater the likelihood that more Americans will be uninsured."

"The resurgent cost of health care is arguable one of the most serious problems the country faces. But in our view neither political party is facing it."

Comment: Ignoring the issue of containing costs in health care is no longer an option; we simply cannot afford to continue to parasitize other sectors of our economy for the benefit of the health care industry. Denying access and coverage to tens of millions of Americans remains morally repugnant and can no longer be tolerated by a just society. It is now imperative that our political leaders take a fresh look at all options for reform, including the only proposal that will contain costs, reduce administrative waste, and improve allocation of our abundant health care resources: a publicly administered, universal health insurance program.