Breast cancer funding at risk

Oakland Tribune
June 15, 2001
by Lisa Friedman

"1000 California women each year enter state or federally funded detection programs only to find out they have cancer but cannot afford treatment."

"Now health advocates fear some or all of the $20 million Gov. Gray Davis pledged last year toward the federal matching funds program may fall victim to far-reaching budget cuts."

Barbara Brenner, executive director of Breast Cancer Action:

"It's not a matter of charity. It should be a matter of obligation."

Comment: How can decent Americans tolerate a system in which the government will pay for mammograms to detect breast cancer, but then abandon the women that have positive tests? We already have enough funds to provide comprehensive care for everyone. Decent Americans should be out marching in the streets, demanding health care justice!

And in USA Today:

"The pity is that today's policymakers lack the courage and foresight to address the problem... "

Let's start marching! Really!