Romanow pledges 'open mind' in health probe

The Globe and Mail
May 2, 2001
by Richard Mackie

"Mr. Romanow (Roy Romanow, head of the commission on the future of health care in Canada) also said he will look at the issues of funding the health-care system. This is a continuing irritant. The provinces complain that the federal government forced the start-up of medicare more than 30 years ago by promising to pay 50 percent of costs. That share has fallen to as low as 13 percent."

"Mr. Harris (Ontario Premier Mike Harris) said governments need to look at imposing user fees and means tests, and at increasing the use of private companies, including private run hospitals (and not excluding foreign-controlled companies)."

Comment: Advocates for a rational, humane health care system in the United States will not be able to relax once we have reform. Permanent vigilance and constructive maintenance will be required.