Senate plan helps teachers without hurting others

The Austin American-Statesman May 18, 2001 Letters
Insurance for all
Re: May 13 editorial :

"Teachers and public school employees will get a state-supported health insurance plan. That is certain. What has yet to be decided is whether they will drive away in a Cadillac or a Chevrolet."

This leaves 5 million Texans driving Yugos, because they do not have any health insurance but are forced to pay for the health insurance of state employees.

"Health Care For All Texans" endorses a comprehensive health care system that would guarantee:

* Access to affordable, quality health care without regard to income, employment or health status.

* Freedom to choose their doctors and other health professionals.

* Participation in a comprehensive, age-specific, quality health benefits package.

To help, contact Health Care For All Texans, 206 W. Woodlawn, San Antonio, 78212 or send e-mail to

Milton A. Braun Dallas

Comment: Milt Braun is a retired CPA and now a very dedicated health care reform activist. His e-mail address is: