51 Legislators Pledge their Support in Writing!!

51 Legislators Pledge their Support in Writing!!
ConCon next Wednesday ñ July 7th.

Dear Affordable Health Insurance Supporter,

Your hard work and determination has paid off! 51 Legislators have pledged in writing to vote YES on the Constitutional Amendment for Affordable Health Insurance.

50 is what we need to get through this ConCon and spark a vigorous debate for reform. 51 votes will prevent amendments completely replacing the language you support. But it isnít enough to guarantee a vote or to prevent every amendment.

Last week, because of your hard work, the Legislature received over 500 Vote Yes Letters and a substantial number of calls. The result? 5 legislators who had made oral commitments to vote YES put their promise in writing. The ConCon reconvenes July 7th at 1:00 pm. We can win a vote if it happens. Our goal is still 101 written pledges to guarantee a vote and to control amendments.

Many legislators have said they will vote YES. We want them to put it in writing. So please keep the calls and letters coming. Ask your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers to call their legislators.

We need you to:
Call the State House switchboard at (617) 722-2000 and ask for your Legislators.
1. Tell them who you are and where you live so they'll know you're a constituent;
2. Ask them to Vote YES on the Affordable Health Insurance Amendment in the next ConCon; and
3. Call the Campaign at (617) 868-1280, or email us back and tell us what happened. If you have already called - organize friends, neighbors and co- workers to call their legislators.

Or take a minute to download Vote YES Letters asking your Senator and Representative to vote YES on Affordable Health Insurance for everyone. Sign one. Have family, friends, neighbors and co-workers sign one. Bring them to your local 4th of July parade. Send or fax (617-868-1363) them back to us. We'll make sure YOUR legislators get your message! Time's short. So please do it today!

Send a Vote YES Letter
Click Here to Send your Legislators a Vote YES Letter

Need to find your Legislators?
Click here to conveniently find your legislator's contact information

New Bedford Resolution: Last week, the New Bedford City Council unanimously passed a resolution endorsing the Constitutional Amendment for Affordable Health Insurance. A similar resolution of support is now pending before the Boston City Council. Thanks to everyone who has encouraged their local officials to endorse this amendment. Itís not too late to ask your City Council. We have sample language.

Special Event: A Tribute To Steve Collins, Executive Director of Mass. Human Services Coalition tomorrow (Tuesday, June 29th) from 5:30 ñ 7:30 pm at the Women's Industrial and Educational Union, 356 Boylston Street, Boston. Steve is gravely ill. He has an aggressive form of cancer that will take his life in a very short time. Steve has long been a tireless and effective advocate for those in need. Please join the many in celebrating Steve and sharing some comfort with those who love and admire him. For more information or to make an online tax-deductible contribution, visit>> or call MHSC at 617-482-6119. Checks, made payable to MHSC, may be sent to: For Steve, PO Box 390773, Cambridge, MA 02139.

Thank you for being a critical part of this historic campaign.


Barbara Roop, PhD, JD :: Campaign Co-Chair
John Goodson, MD :: Campaign Co-Chair
Michael B. Carr, JD :: Campaign Coordinator
Ann Eldridge Malone, RN, MSN :: Campaign Outreach Coordinator
Sandy Eaton, RN :: Campaign Outreach Committee
Robert Gaw, President, NASRO :: Campaign Outreach Committee

Please go to our contact page>> for email addresses to any of our Campaign personnel.

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