Calling All Single Payer Supporters

If you have not already heard, THIS FRIDAY - MAY 8 - there is a TON of action being planned around the country, online, and on the street to urge Congress to put single payer on the table - pass HR676, S703, et al.

In light of the arrest this week of 8 activists including several doctors during the Senate Finance Committee's healthcare reform "Roundtable," this call to action is even more important.

Easy events anybody can participate in -

1. "Follow Friday:" If you're on twitter, you should "tweet" single payer tweets until "single payer" gets onto's "trending topics" board. Sign up for Twitter at: and start by following "singlepayer".

2. has launched a "fax them 'til they drop' campaign: to members of the Senate Finance Committee (See email sent earlier today)

3. Watch the footage from BOTH CSPAN and 1Payer of the arrests and what went on at the Senate this week:

4. There is a "teach-in" this weekend in San Francisco ( and you can find lots more at the California Facebook group on single payer and SB810:

5. Everyday we're calling (1) Senator Baucus re: his shutting out single payer and (2) the media who continue to refuse to cover these events (For example, NPR today, when asked why Bristol Palin and the tea parties got coverage but not the arrests of the MDs at the Senate, responded "I guess we didn't think it [the arrests] were newsworthy").

Baucus: (202) 224-2651

Find Media phone #s: Call and demand that they cover single payer issues.

NOW IS OUR MOMENT - President Obama said on March 5th, "In this [health reform] effort, every voice has to be heard. Every idea must be considered. Every option must be on the table. There should be no sacred cows." LET"S HOLD HIM TO HIS WORD!!

Check Healthcare Activists at (online 24/7 news updated hourly and resource clearinghouse for the single payer movement)
Facebook - California Universal Healthcare Act - SB810

Twitter - singlepayer

Originally from Floridians for Health Care