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New Tool for Phone Calling Campaign.

Until this morning, we had to transcribe the 200-300 voicemails we get each day from callers to our 800-578-4171 number. After transcription, we faxed the messages to the White House and each member of the Senate Finance Committee. Today, for instance, I sent a 36 page fax of closely printed voicemails from May 6.

But starting at 0900 EST today, we went live with a system that converts each overnight voice message to a phone call, dialing the White House and Sen. Baucus automatically, waiting for a human to answer, then playing the message and hanging up. And then dialing again to deliver the next message in the queue. And the next. And so on. So this morning we delivered 500 phone messages to the White House and Sen. Baucus at the rate of one or two a minute.

You can join the fun. Call 1-800-578-4171 and press 0 for the White House or 1 for Sen. Baucus. Or call during the day and be transferred directly to the live White House operator. Or call tonite and tomorrow and tomorrow nite and . . .

Continuing Campaign Update

You are still sending faxes and lots of them. This morning we had sent about 22 thousand faxes to the White House and members of Congress. You can take your pick of faxes, from chastising Republicans for intransigent obstructionism to asking Obama to do the right thing. Each one allows you to add your comments. Each one is sent immediately. Each one is free to you.

Click here and pick a fax to send. Or pick several. Or pick all. And remember, when we work together, we can overwhelm the fax machines in Washington. We did it before. We can do it again.

Yes, Some Things in Life Are Free -- And Some Are Not

Much as I enjoy providing a way for you to send faxes and make phone calls, it's kind of like Free Beer Tomorrow. Today I have to pay. So please donate to help keep the faxes free for those who can't afford to donate, to keep the phone lines open for those who despaired of ever being heard, and to keep the videos on TV inspiring others to join us. Your donation is appreciated and the money will be carefully spent on this cause and this cause only. Not a penny is wasted because we can't afford to let the rich guys beat us just because they are rich. We may not be wealthy, but we are smart and we are dedicated and we are many. Donate today to keep these campaigns alive.