Single-Payer in the News and More!

Friends of Healthcare-NOW!:

This email is an update of the past week's festivities in DC and around the country, as well as reminders about current Healthcare-NOW! campaigns to plug into. Now is the time for single-payer national health care!



Hundreds of nurses, doctors and activists gathered in DC to say STOP THE INSURANCE INDUSTRY BAIL OUT.


5 More Arrests

Senator Max Baucus issues another round of arrests of doctors, nurses, and single-payer advocates for standing up to being shut out of the Senate Finance Committee discussion on health care reform.


Woman for New Mexico asks, "Why isn't Single-Payer on the table?"

At a town hall meeting in New Mexico, Obama is asked "Why isn't Single-Payer on the table?"


Single-Payer in the News

The press is responding to the populous support for single-payer. Both Bill Moyers Journal and Diane Rehm are expected to cover single-payer on next week shows. Carla Rautenberg of Ohio reported to HCN that "on her weekly news round-up, Ms. Rehm stated that the show had been "inundated" with calls and emails from Americans demanding that single payer be considered in the health care debate!"

Diane Rehm will give one full hour to single-payer on Monday, May 18th, and Bill Moyers will be discussing single-payer on Friday, May 23rd. Great work to all who contacted them to put single-payer in the news!

An excellent article in the Chicago Sun Times on single-payer here:,CST-EDT-terry14.article

Contacting main stream media outlets and demanding coverage of single-payer is working. Keep up the great work.


Details about the House Bill have been reported by the associated press.

"Proposal would require all to have health coverage"
Associated Press, May 14, 2009


Obama and health care industry agree to 2 trillion, but industry waivers on commitment...

On Monday, Obama reported that key industry players will come together to reduce costs over 10 years by $2.5 trillion. But on Thursday, industry officials reported great concern over this commitment:


State Legislators Campaign is Growing! Please join us!

Seeking state and regional coordinators to follow up with state legislators for the national campaign to get state legislators to sign onto a letter to President Obama in support of HR 676. Please let us know if you want to get involved at

Find out more here:


May 30th Day of Action!

Over 30 events planned nationwide on and around May 30th!

Now is the time to be out in the street for single-payer national health care! Check out our May 30th page for more details:


We know that single-payer is the only way to control costs and cover everyone. For-profit motives must be removed from health care. The people are with us. We will get there.

In common cause,

Katie Robbins
Assistant National Coordinator