Grassroots Activists Hold ‘Sidewalk Health Summit,’ Call for Medicare for All

From the National Single Payer Alliance

For Immediate Release

Katie Robbins
Donna Smith
Dr. Margaret Flowers

The 20-million member strong grassroots alliance, the Leadership Conference for Guaranteed Health Care, supporting improved Medicare for all will hold its own summit on health reform outside the White House on Thursday, February 25.  While politicians inside Blair House will be attempting to reach some bipartisan agreement to pass legislation that aims to make marginal improvement in health insurance markets,  activists outside the formal venue will be answering President Obama’s call from his State of the Union address:

“But if anyone…has a better approach that will bring down premiums, bring down the deficit, cover the uninsured, strengthen Medicare for seniors, and stop insurance company abuses, let me know.”

There is a better answer. The people’s summit will feature diverse speakers representing doctors, nurses, patients, labor, faith-based groups, and community political advocacy groups who continue to press the President and Congress to act responsibly and ethically to address the nation’s healthcare crisis by extending an improved Medicare for all model.

When:  9 – 10 a.m., Thursday, February 25; participants gather at 9 a.m. and summit begins at 9:30 a.m.

Where: NE Corner of Lafayette Park (H St and Vermont), Washington, D.C.

In other communities across the nation, other Medicare for all advocates will gather in solidarity summits and actions, including San Francisco, Cedar Falls, IA, Louisville, KY, New York City, Georgia and Colorado (a complete listing is available at

This action is not in support of the current reform bills – House, Senate or the plan offered up for consideration during the President’s Blair House summit.  LCGHC members do not support the current legislation with or without a public option – robust or not.

Of note: Tea Party activists have signaled that they may also send a contingent to Washington to agitate for the status quo. This action is not in support of the status quo.  LCGHC members support improving and expanding the successful Medicare program to all Americans, including  the 46 million Americans who currently lack coverage and tens of millions more who are under-insured and at risk of bankruptcy in the event of illness.