Medicare-for-all plan would unite U.S. workers

Letters, Lexington Herald-Leader, March 11, 2011

The goings on in Wisconsin should be of interest to all of us. The battle between the "public" worker versus the rest of us, those who work for a nongovernmental entity, the huge majority of Americans, is now grabbing the headlines.

As I interpret the events, "the rest of us" are jealous of the more generous benefits the public sector may enjoy. And by benefits, I believe we are mainly talking about health insurance.

It seems to me the rest of us should demand and strive for the same benefits the public sector enjoys, not demand that government workers be dragged kicking and screaming down to our level.

Health insurance benefits could easily and affordably be provided by adopting a Medicare-for-all plan.

The enormous savings of a single-payer health insurance program would finance plans superior to what the public worker now enjoys without increasing the premiums for the nongovernmental sector.

We can and should do it. The current health reform law will not.

Ewell G. Scott, M.D.
Morehead, KY

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