We all deserve excellent coverage

By Ewell Scott, M.D.
Letters, The Lexington (Ky.) Herald, July 28, 2011

As regards to the discussion and analysis of Lexington-Fayette government employees' health insurance, the casual observer might comment that the current coverage is quite good.

In fact, better than most working Americans have today.

The question is who in the world should expect or have such excellent coverage? Well, how about all of the citizens of France, Great Britain, Spain, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany ... you get the picture ... the list goes on and on. The rest of the civilized world has universal, affordable, comprehensive health insurance regardless of place of employment, at half of the per capita cost. We could have it too by enacting Medicare for all. It is that simple.

Dr. Ewell Scott resides in Morehead, Ky.