Medicare for all is best option

The Witchita Eagle, June 27, 2011

Kudos to a Wichita physician for speaking out for the need and benefits of Medicare ("Health care law preserves Medicare," June 22 Letters to the Editor). His analysis of how "the current government-controlled, single-payer, 2 percent overhead system is preferable to a voucher system that turns seniors over to the vagaries of the private, for-profit insurance industry" helps us understand the improvements and the deficiencies of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Going one step further, the group Physicians for a National Health Program advocates Medicare for all as the most economical and moral delivery system of health care.

These physicians from all over the country are busy presenting the facts of a Medicare-for-all system. Among them is Margaret Flowers, nationally known for her devotion to this issue, who will appear in Wichita on Sept. 27 to address questions. The venue to be announced.

Wichita, Kan.