Hawaii Health Authority outlines roadmap to universal care

The Hawaii Health Authority, which was established by the Hawaii Legislature as part of the state’s Department of Budget and Finance and tasked with being “responsible for overall health planning for the state,” issued a report to Gov. Neil Abercrombie and the Legislature on Dec. 23, 2011. It consists of a 1999 report by the Health Futures Task Force and a 2011 Update. A few of the members of the 1999 Health Futures Task Force are now members of the HHA.

The second document (2011 Update) is essentially a proposed roadmap for how to get from the present health care situation in Hawaii to an efficient, cost-effective universal health care system, and is intended to provide health policy guidance to both the Abercrombie administration and Legislature over the next several years. It has been delivered to the governor, his health transformation coordinator, and the chairs of the Senate and House health committees, and the HHA is awaiting their responses.

In addition to the links embedded above, both documents are available on the HHA page of the Hawaii Dept. of Budget and Finance website: