For-profit managed-care Medicaid the wrong path

By Rita Valenti, R.N.
Atlanta Journal Constitution, Letters, June 24, 2012

Re “Goal: Coverage that won’t soak taxpayers” (Opinion, June 17): As a registered nurse with 30 years of patient-care experience, I was appalled by the misinformation in this piece. What does “soak” taxpayers is the unbridled extraction of public funds to private, for-profit, managed-care corporations that use people’s health care needs to make profits — while adding nothing to patient care or healthy outcomes. Adding another layer of private for-profit unaccountable bureaucracy is the problem — not the solution. Health care should not be a commodity, but a right. Public funds need to be used for the public good, not to enrich private companies. An improved federal Medicare for all of us is the first step toward a just and comprehensive health care system.

Rita Valenti, R.N., is a former state assemblywoman. She resides in Clarkston.