Physicians group pushes for single-payer health care

By Ryan Gustafson
KEYC Channel 12 News (Mankato, Minn.), Aug. 21, 2013

Health care reform will take a big step forward on October 1st, when the insurance exchanges first open up.

Supporters of the law are busy making sure everyone is aware, and advocating for further reform in the future.

Up on the Loyola Hill, Our Lady of Good Counsel hosts a speaker from The Campaign for The Minnesota Health Plan, Dr. Nelson Adamson.

Dr. Adamson with Physicians for a National Health Program says, "The Affordable Care Act is a step forward, but it's to the complete answer."

Along with taking questions tonight on the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, health care reform law, or Obamacare, depending on your preference, Dr. Adamson's main goal was to advocate for a single-payer system, where all medical bills are picked up by the government.

And he feels that personal stories will be the best way to get the point across.

Dr. Adamson says, "Cancer is a difficult enough diagnosis to deal with, but when you have the issue of how is this going to get paid for, whether I'll be bankrupt seeking care, that is really more than you should have to handle when they're dealing with a difficult diagnosis.

"From my point of view, I won't dwell on the economics and policy, but the personal side. What I see as a practicing physician -- how this affects my patients."

Enrollment in the health care exchanges opens up on October 1. Actual health coverage will begin on January 1.