Holding our breath until 2017

By Vermont Health Care for All

The Shumlin administration presented a report on financing single payer to the legislature on January 24, 2013.  It once again demonstrates that we can have comprehensive health care coverage for every Vermonter and also achieve substantial savings when federal law allows us to implement a single payer system in 2017.

This is the latest in a long line of official reports that has come to the same conclusion.

Click here to see the key takeaway points from this report. (Click here to see Vermonters’ letters to the editor about this plan; please consider writing to your local papers.)

This report is just the start.  It shows us different sources of revenue for single payer, but it does not recommend a particular mix of taxes. (The legislature will not vote on a specific plan until 2015.) 

For decades, health insurance companies have told us they can fix our broken health care system. They had their chance—and they blew it! Vermont Health Care for All hopes to work with other individuals and groups to convene discussions in the months to come about the fairest way to finance a single payer system.  Stay tuned!