Single-payer health care model would save even more money than cooperative

By Ann Molison
The Coloradoan, Letters, March 21, 2013

During this month there have been two editorials, one written by the Coloradoan’s editorial board, and one by a spokesperson for a relatively new organization, Colorado Health Care Cooperative. Both writers are in support of a proposed cooperative health plan. The plan, which has yet to go before the state Senate, would result in savings and be run by a private board of directors.

This is a complex plan, so much so that the members of the state Legislature have not provided a bill number as they sort out the legalities and other issues it raises.

Another plan, first developed for the “208 Commission” will save a good deal more money than the cooperative would. It is being revised and has the support of Health Care for All Colorado. This simple and common-sense plan would move everyone living in Colorado to a public, nonprofit, single-payer model. It would have one payer and wouldn’t compete with private insurance plans. It would be similar to Medicare for all residents and its duration would be for life.

Currently over 25 states have proposed a plan similar to one which Health Care for All Colorado is refining.

From 7 to 8:30 p.m. April 3 in the Harmony Library, Donna Smith will discuss the road she has taken over the past 10 years to bring real universal health care reform in the form of a public, nonprofit, health care for all. We are pleased this outstanding national leader has joined Health Care for All Colorado as our executive director. You can learn more about our plan and Donna Smith by going to our website at

Ann Molison is president of the Health Care for All Colorado Foundation.