Focus on care, not profit streams of nonproviders

By Leonard A. Zwelling, M.D.
The Wall Street Journal, Letters, May 3, 2013

There could be no better argument for some sort of universal health-care system than Dr. Kessler’s op-ed ("The coming Obamacare shock," April 30). The current system of health-care delivery, even if or after ObamaCare is fully implemented, denies access to millions, remains highly variable in quality and still costs too much because it is driven by the vast profits of mostly nonproviders within the health-care industrial complex.

All ObamaCare does is alter the way some health care is paid for and little else. If Congress really wants to improve the provision of care within the U.S., it needs to start again. This time it should focus on the care, not preserving the revenue streams of some nonessential intermediaries in the middle of the supply chain between doctors and patients.

Dr. Leonard A. Zwelling resides in Bellaire, Texas.