Paid internship with VT-PNHP - Fall 2013-Spring 2014

Primary Responsibility
•    Outreach to health professionals, students of health professions, and the public

Required tasks:
•    Plan and facilitate outreach activities with physician members
•    Communicate with single payer allies regarding activities that might benefit from collaboration
•    Assist with planning and publicity of activities, targeting appropriate audiences
•    Create regular progress reports

The skill set and interests of the intern will determine additional responsibilities.
Potential tasks:
•    Design the Vermont Chapter’s page on the national website
•    Assist with photography, videography, editing, or other production tasks in public access TV shows and other media
•    Research associated with designing and implementing a new healthcare system

Activities beyond the required hours include but are not limited to educational activities to understand universal healthcare better, production of educational media, and legislative activities related to developing our own healthcare system in Vermont.

VtPNHP provides a stipend of $2000 for a minimum of 200 hours over roughly 20 weeks.  The intern will be supervised by Marvin Malek, MD MPH, current VtPNHP President, as well as other chapter members. 

Details for required tasks:
Vermont Physicians for a National Health Program is seeking an intern to coordinate and promote its outreach activities for the upcoming autumn and winter.
The intern will contact organized groupings of health professionals (hospitals, professional societies, etc.), health professional training programs and student groups, as well as organizations in the community at large.   The latter may include civic organizations such as Rotary Clubs, labor unions, business groups, hosts of radio and TV shows, and faith organizations.    The outreach intern will identify specific locations/dates these various organizations would like to host an appearance by one of our members.   The intern will then present these proposed dates to our membership to identify members willing to make these presentations.

This position requires a well-organized self-starter comfortable making phone calls, seeking out the “right person to speak with” for each of the above groupings.   The candidate should have strong computer skills.  S/he will need to be persistent without being overbearing, and keep meticulous records so s/he knows exactly what stage in the scheduling process we are with each of these organizations, as well as a list of other organizations we have yet to contact.

Students whose schools offer credit when the internship has a faculty sponsor and when a specific number of hours is performed, but it is greater than 200 hours:  We are glad to work with faculty to ensure you have a valuable experience, and you can have great flexibility in choosing from a wide range of exciting projects for the additional time, but our stipend is limited to $2000.

Students in the following fields may be particularly interested:
Business management, Communications, Electronic Media, Event Management, Health Care, Human Resource Management, Human Services, Marketing, Public Health, Public Policy, Public Administration, Social Work, Social Organizing

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Our preference is to fill the position as soon as possible, with someone who can still be available during the legislative session. If the student has planned for time for an internship in the spring but could work even 5 hours per week now, we’d be very interested in interviewing him or her promptly.

Please send your resume and/or letter of interest to both of the following: Betty Keller ( and Marvin Malek (

For additional information, please contact Betty Keller, MD at or 802-748-1966