Medical students protest private insurance industry

Univision Chicago, April 12, 2014

A unofficial English transcript is available below.

Enrique Rodriguez: Thanks for joining us tonight. We begin with a protest by health professionals, who say they aren’t content with the health care reforms known as ‘Obamacare.’ Erica Maldonado is in our production center: what are they calling for? And how are you?

Erika Maldonado: Good evening Enrique. They are a group of doctors and medical students that say they are not content with how health care reform is functioning, and are now calling for a reform of the reform.

[0:30] begins clip of protest, students chanting ‘Everybody In, Nobody Out!’

EM: It was a protest by a national group of doctors and medical students, but they say they have a good reason. The protest had about fifty people from various parts of the country, and took place in downtown Chicago.

Scott Goldberg: BlueCross BlueShield, like many other big insurance companies, makes millions off of denying patients’ care, and as future doctors we want a system that puts the patient first.

EM: And they brought their message in person to the offices of the insurer BlueCross BlueShield to call for a change, in their opinions, is the aberration of the system that puts economic considerations above the doctor-patient relationship and the health of millions of people. They said that this occurs despite the health care reform known as ‘Obamacare.’

The group called upon the federal government to prohibit private insurance companies, and in its place establish a single payer system.

Nahiris Bahamon: The medical system in the United States is absolutely broken. We believe that a better system, that would be financially superior and better for people, would be one with only one payer, that would pay for all health care of all Americans.

EM: They insist that private insurers should not implement narrow plans with high deductibles, reducing the number of doctors that are available to patients, and allow doctors to see more patients regardless of insurance status in this service, and would be funded by taxes on millionaires and taxes based on peoples' ability to pay.

NB: Health care is a human right, and the whole world should have access to the best care that we can provide. 

EM: We attempted to get a response from the company BlueCross BlueShield, but at this moment they have not responded to our request.