Universal care, not ACA

By William D. Clark, M.D.
Times Record (Brunswick, Maine), Letters, April 2, 2014

I retired from internal medicine practice in Bath a few years back. As a physician, it pains me to see that the Affordable Care Act not only siphons off billions of dollars in public money to create more bureaucracy, but the ACA also transfers hundreds of billions of public funds to the insurance industry. It hurts because I know that those dollars should be paying for the healthcare that so many people in Maine so desperately need. We can do better.

Here in Maine, we could establish a system to provide healthcare to every Maine citizen. Nurses, doctors, concerned citizens and many legislators support LD1345, a bill that proposes initial steps toward using our public dollars to buy healthcare, rather than buying a larger bureaucracy, and instead of supporting the insurance industry. Everyone would be in, and no one out. We could focus from on patients instead of profits. We can do better.

Think about it.

Check out the facts about how we can build a better system, one that would function on your behalf, at the Maine AllCare website (

Dr. William D. Clark resides in Woolwich.