Senate hearing: Learning from other nations' health systems

Hearing convened by Sen. Bernie Sanders

On March 11, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont chaired a Senate subcommittee hearing on what the health care system in the United States can learn from other countries, particularly Canada, Taiwan, Denmark and France. The following 6-minute video features the testimony of Dr. Danielle Martin, comparing the U.S. and Canadian systems while dispelling myths about health care in Canada.

For a detailed account of the proceedings, including direct links to the full video and to the individual, written statements presented there, see this Quote of the Day post by Dr. Don McCanne, PNHP's senior health policy fellow.

A four-minute highlight video of the hearing, including all of the panelists from this extraordinary (and to our knowledge, historically unprecedented) session, is available here.

For how the testimony of the Canadian physician, Dr. Danielle Martin, has been received in Canada, click here.