Giving health care consumers what they don’t want

Robin Wright King on Consumer Reactions to HDHPs, April 17, 2016

Robin Wright King, MBA, of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, discusses consumer reactions to high-deductible health plans, which ask them to shoulder more of the burden of the cost of their healthcare.

How do consumers react to the new health plans that ask them to shoulder more costs?

"I don’t believe members are excited, generally, about the concept of having to shoulder more of the cost, but these high-deductible health plans are here to stay. And employers are trending towards engaging in these higher deductible health plans more and more. As a matter of fact, many employers are moving to these plans as full replacement plans. Again, we really have the responsibility - and many employers want us as a health plan to be more involved - to help their members understand their plans."



By Don McCanne, M.D.

Blue Cross Blue Shield members are not excited about having to shoulder more of the cost through high-deductible health plans, but these plans are here to stay. So much for consumer choice.