A slightly different end-of-year request

Dear Quote of the Day list members,

Your email inboxes are no doubt inundated with end-of-year requests for donations “to keep this publication going” or whatever.

This is not a request to donate to Quote of the Day, but it is something much more important.

Regarding the Quote of the Day, I self-fund my activities and am able to do so quite comfortably. I do not receive funds from PNHP, so no dues are diverted to the qotd messages. In my role as senior health policy fellow of PNHP I serve as a volunteer, receiving no pay nor benefits. In fact, I am a monthly contributor to PNHP instead.

So what am I asking that is so important?

At this time when threats to our already inadequate health care system are intensifying we need an increase in people power to help carry to the nation the message of health care justice for all through a single payer national health program - an improved Medicare for all.

A great vehicle that supports the movement is membership in Physicians for a National Health Program. We need to achieve a critical mass of activists and supporters. Although membership is predominantly composed of physicians, medical students and other health care professionals, we also include activists and others who are dedicated to health care justice through single payer reform.

* If you are not a member, please consider joining (click here to join).

* If you are a member but have not recently renewed your membership, please consider doing so now (click here to renew).

* If you are a medical or other health professional student, membership is free (click here to join).

* Considering our national presence, PNHP operates on a remarkably spartan budget funded by dues and individual contributions, thus donations by those who can afford them are greatly appreciated and are put to good use (Contributions to PNHP are tax deductible under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code - click here to donate).

This is not a message from PNHP but it is simply a personal request, from me to each of you, to join or renew your support for a cause to which I have devoted the remaining productive years of my life.

Peace, love and good health for all,



Don McCanne, MD
Senior Health Policy Fellow
Physicians for a National Health Program