Single Payer Health Care Advocates visit UofL School of Medicine

Greater Louisville Medical Society News, May 2016

Several members of the Physicians for a National Health Program movement met at the UofL School of Medicine campus on Tuesday, May 10, to get the word out about single-payer reform.

Prompted by the American Journal of Public Health's recent publishing of a detailed proposal signed by more than 2,200 doctors nationwide, Louisville physicians and medical students hoped to reach even more of their peers with an interactive event downtown.

"There are a number of problems with our current health care program but first and foremost, we still don't cover 30 million Americans, said Peter Esch, MD. "The basic concept is Medicare for everyone."

Dr. Esch and several other speakers urged those in attendance to think about a health care system more far reaching and personalized than the Affordable Care Act. Members of the Students for a National Health Program were also in attendance, including Louisville Chapter President Mallika Sabharwal who said simply, "People think this is a partisan issue, but it isn't. It's a human issue."

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