Medicare for all

By Ewell Scott, M.D.
Lexington (Ky.) Herald-Leader, Letters, Nov. 4, 2016

Kentucky’s Medicaid expansion has been remarkably successful in a number of ways. Primarily, 400,000 citizens now have health insurance. Secondarily, the commonwealth has received a huge economic boost, benefiting from federal dollars. Hospitals and providers have noted fiscal improvement.

However, we all know our health-care financing system is broken badly and is becoming unaffordable by 95 percent of us. It does not have to be that way. A single-payer plan is the answer with progressive financing. A result would be increased net disposable income for all but the very wealthy. All citizens would be covered, there would be no deductibles or co-pays. Networks of available physicians would be eliminated, profound administrative inefficiencies would disappear, employers would no longer have to provide health insurance, annual application and re-application would be rendered unnecessary.

Medicare for all is the answer.

Dr. Ewell Scott resides in Morehead, Ky.