It’s not just Democrats and liberals who support Medicare for all

The Economist/YouGov Poll, April 2-4, 2017

81. Opinion on health reforms – Expanding Medicare to provide health insurance to every American

Percent who favor strongly or favor somewhat:

60% Total

75% Democrat
58% Independent
46% Republican

82% Liberal
60% Moderate
43% Conservative

63% Family income under $50K
58% Family income $50-100K
63% Family income over $100K

80% Clinton voters
40% Trump voters




By Don McCanne, M.D.

This poll shows once again that about 60 percent of Americans favor expanding Medicare to cover everyone. To no surprise, about 80 percent of liberals, Democrats and Clinton voters are in support. But what we should be especially aware of is that over 40 percent of conservatives, Republicans and Trump voters also support Medicare for all.

It is wrong to narrowly target the single payer message to liberals and Democrats. The message resonates with a significant percentage of conservatives and Republicans as well. They should certainly be included in the grassroots coalition efforts to support Medicare for all. The majority of the nation working together will get us there.