Medicare for All would offer Americans better health care

By Pamella Gronemeyer, M.D.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Letters, October 16, 2017

Now that President Trump has found ways to destroy Obamacare without the need for Congressional approval or our democracy, we must open our eyes and push for the Improved Medicare for All plans supported by Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., and a majority of congressional Democrats and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and numerous Democratic senators.

A majority of the American people support federal government involvement in the delivery of health care to all Americans. The federal government already pays for about two thirds of health care costs through Medicare, the Veterans Administration and Medicaid. As a physician, I know that Medicare works. It is only at the age of 65 that one sees the curve of health care outcomes improve in relation to other nations because of Medicare.

Medicare for All is publicly funded and privately delivered. The health care bills are paid by one payer, the federal government, not a myriad of insurance companies, personal checks or credit cards. Even more important, there are no people who must turn to Go Fund Me pages to pay their bills or file bankruptcy.

We need to demand that the government represent us and not let edicts of our president control our health and welfare. Call your congressman and senators and ask them to support The House and Senate bills. Learn about Medicare for All through websites at Physicians for a National Health Program or HealthcareNow.

The money that we currently pay for premiums, copay, and deductibles would be reduced by a combination of a progressive tax, employers’ tax and other creative funding. This would be a solution that all Americans can proudly support.

Dr. Gronemeyer resides in Glen Carbon, Ill.