Adopting single-payer healthcare won't be easy. That doesn't make it not worthwhile.

By Robert Vinetz, M.D.
Los Angeles Times, Letters, March 25, 2018

To the editor:

The healthcare bill itself, SB 562, may be dead in the water. But the issue of single-payer healthcare (not-for-profit, publicly financed, guaranteed, lifetime, health care for all) in California is not. ("Medical tourists, undocumented immigrants and ballooning costs: California's path to single payer is rocky," editorial, March 17)

The strong surfacing of the legislation may not have created a tsunami of support in the California Assembly, but the waves it created are drawing attention from politicians, the media and the public.

The Times Editorial Board, in highlighting the obstacles on the "rocky path to single payer," affirms: "Attaining universal insurance coverage is vital for both moral and economic reasons, as it's instrumental in controlling ever-rising healthcare costs. And single payer may very well be the most efficient way to get there."

What's needed now is for our legislators to smooth out the path and finally create a good single-payer system. The public and the media must educate and push them to do so.