The case for improved Medicare for all

Interview with Dr. Elizabeth Rosenthal

America’s Work Force Radio, October 2, 2018

Today on the show we have two guests, Jason Perlman and Dr. Elizabeth Rosenthal. Jason Perlman is a political director with the Ohio AFL-CIO and Dr. Elizabeth Rosenthal is a dermatologist.

Dr. Rosenthal, who spent 38 years practicing dermatology, talks about health care and single payer health care. Dr. Rosenthal is the daughter of a doctor and the granddaughter of a doctor, so she knows all about how health care has changed over the years. She discusses expanding Medicare to all Americans by taking out the private parts, and keeping the public parts...and giving them to everybody; publicly funded, privately delivered.

Note: Dr. Rosenthal's segment starts at the 37:45 mark.

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