Articles of Interest

These articles highlight many of the health care related stories in the news–ranging from single-payer op-eds by PNHP members to reports by newspapers on corporate health care.

The Physicians' Proposal for Single-Payer Health Care Reform has also garnered significant media attention since its release in May 2016. To read and view coverage of the proposal, please click here. If you would like to endorse the proposal, click here.

  • Posted on Tuesday, July 17, 2018
    By Kate de Klerk, OMS IV, and Mayra Salazar, OMS III | The DO, Opinion, July 17, 2018
    The Student Osteopathic Medical Association is asking the House of Delegates to take up an important question: should AOA support a “Medicare for All” single-payer health care system?

  • Posted on Thursday, July 5, 2018
    By Helaine Olen | The Washington Post, July 5, 2018
    The concept of “having skin in the game” is popular among those who still believe we can utilize the free market to rein in the cost of health care in the United States.

  • Posted on Tuesday, July 3, 2018
    By Paul Seward, M.D. | STAT, July 3, 2018
    The evolution of emergency care in the United States is a fascinating story. Sadly, what became a hugely successful solution to an important problem in health care is now being eroded by its misapplication to another problem.

  • Posted on Monday, June 18, 2018
    Interview with Dr. Ed Weisbart | Tulsa (Okla.) Public Radio, June 18, 2018
    On this edition of ST Medical Monday, we learn about Physicians for a National Health Program (or PNHP). This collective, per its website, is "a nonprofit research and education organization of 20,000 physicians, medical students, and health professionals who support single-payer national health insurance."

  • Posted on Friday, June 8, 2018
    By Jonathan Michels, Robertha Barnes, and Sydney Russell Leed | STAT, June 8, 2018
    Fifty years ago this month, at the 1968 meeting of the American Medical Association, a fourth-year medical student named Peter Schnall seized the microphone and scolded several hundred of the most prestigious, highly educated white men in America.

  • Posted on Thursday, June 7, 2018
    By David U. Himmelstein, M.D.; Steffie Woolhandler, M.D., M.P.H.; and Elizabeth Warren, J.D. | New England Journal of Medicine, June 7, 2018
    Dobkin et al. have made an important contribution in clarifying the relationship between health shocks and economic risk; like us, they have shown that health crises have major economic consequences for families and that even the insured are not adequately protected. However...

  • Posted on Monday, June 4, 2018
    By Jessica Schorr Saxe, M.D. | The Charlotte Observer, June 1, 2018
    On Monday, The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival will hold rallies in Raleigh and other state capitals focusing on health care and ecological devastation. You might wonder how poverty relates to health. Profoundly.

  • Posted on Sunday, May 27, 2018
    By John Perryman, M.D. | The New York Times, May 27, 2018
    Anthem’s tactic of refusing to pay emergency room bills in certain cases is portrayed as an effort to influence patient behavior and avoid the most costly medical setting for minor ailments. Asking frightened patients to diagnose their illnesses without the benefit of training is absurd on its face.

  • Posted on Wednesday, May 23, 2018
    By Adam Gaffney, M.D. | Washington Post, May 23, 2018
    The drug price reforms that President Trump recently proposed are as potent as a placebo, but not as harmless.

  • Posted on Wednesday, May 16, 2018
    By Heather Boerner | Physician Leadership Journal, May 16, 2018
    Some cases simply haunt Ed Weisbart, MD, CPE. That includes the 63-year-old woman who, caring for her grandchildren, had to choose between paying rent to stave off eviction and buying her blood pressure medicine.

  • Posted on Saturday, May 5, 2018
    By Herbert Keyser, M.D. | San Antonio Express News, May 5, 2018
    We are told “we can’t afford a single-payer system.” The real truth is that we spend so much per person for health care, that just spending the same amount in a single-payer system we can provide better care than any of the other countries of the world.

  • Posted on Thursday, May 3, 2018
    Interview with Dr. Ed Weisbart | WCHL The Hill (Chapel Hill, N.C.), May 3, 2018
    PNHP-MO chair Dr. Ed Weisbart outlines the conservative case for improved Medicare for all, noting that it would save money and be much more efficient than our current multi-payer system.

  • Posted on Wednesday, May 2, 2018
    By Jack Bernard | Las Cruces (N.M.) News, May 2, 2018
    In 2017 op-eds, I described the mess that Congress made of health reform. They were taking a flawed program, Obamacare, and modifying it to be much worse via Trumpcare...which I believe Donald Trump still has never given up on enacting.

  • Posted on Monday, April 30, 2018
    By Sidney M. Wolfe, M.D., Steffie Woolhandler, M.D., M.P.H., and David U. Himmelstein, M.D. | Journal of General Internal Medicine, April 30, 2018
    The way we pay hospitals is toxic. It rewards, indeed requires, bad behavior from hospital leaders and stifles the better angels of their nature.

  • Posted on Monday, April 30, 2018
    By Judith L. Albert, M.D. and Ana Malinow, M.D. | Allegheny County Medical Society Bulletin, April 2018
    Supporters of expanded and improved Medicare for all favor the following: “Universal coverage for all medically necessary care – health care that is publicly financed but largely privately delivered.”

  • Posted on Wednesday, April 25, 2018
    By Amanda Holpuch | The Guardian, April 25, 2018
    Ten of the top US medical schools including Harvard and Yale do not have faculty and staff that reflect the country’s black, Native American and Latino population, according to a report by the social justice group White Coats for Black Lives (WC4BL).

  • Posted on Sunday, April 22, 2018
    By Adam Gaffney, M.D. | The Guardian, April 22, 2018
    A golden age of corporate medicine may be dawning. A slew of mergers and acquisitions looks set to transform American healthcare, drawing health insurance giants, pharmacy benefit managers, physicians’ practices, drugstores, surgical centers and “retail clinics” in pharmacies and supermarkets together into giant corporate healthcare blobs.

  • Posted on Wednesday, April 18, 2018
    Interview with Dr. Adam Gaffney and Andy Slavitt | Crooked Conversations, April 18, 2018
    Pod Save America co-host Jon Favreau talks to Andy Slavitt, the board chairman of the United States of Care, and Adam Gaffney, an instructor in medicine at Harvard Medical School and secretary of the advocacy organization Physicians for a National Health Program.

  • Posted on Tuesday, April 17, 2018
    By Thomas L. Schwenk, M.D. | JAMA, April 17, 2018
    In 1948, Life magazine published what has become an iconic and, for many, nostalgic photograph essay depicting the life and work of Dr Ernest Ceriani, a Colorado general practitioner.

  • Posted on Tuesday, April 17, 2018
    By David U. Himmelstein, M.D. and Steffie Woolhandler, M.D., M.P.H. | Annals of Internal Medicine, April 17, 2018
    In 2015 and again in 2016, Americans' life expectancy decreased, the first multiyear decline since 1962 and 1963. Even before this recent dip, U.S. life expectancy lagged behind that of most other wealthy nations.