New York Resolution to endorse HR 676.

LEGISLATIVE RESOLUTION memorializing the United States Congress to enact H.R. 676, the United States National Health Insurance Act

WHEREAS, Every person in New York State and in all the United States deserves access to affordable, quality health care; and

WHEREAS, There is a growing crisis in health care in the United States of America, manifested in rising healthcare costs, increased premiums, out-of-pocket spending, decreased international business competitiveness, and massive layoffs; and

WHEREAS, Up until February of 2008, statistics show that approximately 2.6 million New Yorkers lacked health insurance; and

WHEREAS, Those insured now often experience unacceptable medical debt and sometimes life-threatening delays in obtaining health care; and

WHEREAS, One-half of all personal bankruptcies are due to illnesses or medical bills; and

WHEREAS, The increasing expense of Medicaid and the rising costs of insuring state employees and teachers can best be met not by limiting benefits, but by expanding them under a national, publicly-funded health insurance program; and

WHEREAS, The complex bureaucracy arising from our system of fragmented, for-profit, multi-payer system of healthcare financing consumes approximately 30 percent of the United States` healthcare spending; and

WHEREAS, United States Representatives John Conyers and Dennis Kucinich have introduced H.R. 676, the United States National Health Insurance Act, in the United States House of Representatives for the 109th Congress, this Act would provide a universal, comprehensive, single payer system of high quality national health insurance; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That this Legislative Body pause in its deliberations to respectfully memorialize the Congress of the United States to enact H.R. 676, the United States National Health Insurance Act; and be it further

RESOLVED, That copies of this Resolution, suitably engrossed, be transmitted to the President of the Senate of the United States, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and to each member of the Congress of the United States from the State of New York.