PNHP Proposals

The Physicians Proposal for National Health Insurance
"Proposal of the Physicians' Working Group for Single-Payer National Health Insurance," JAMA 290(6): Aug 30, 2003

"A Better-Quality Alternative: Single-Payer National Health System Reform"
JAMA 272: Sept. 14, 1994

A National Long-term Care Program for the United States; A Caring Vision
Reprinted from JAMA. The Journal of the American Medical Association December 4, 1991, Volume 266 Copyright 1991, American Medical Association

"Liberal Benefits, Conservative Spending"
Grumbach, et al. JAMA, May 15, 1991, Vol. 265 No. 19

A National Health Program for the United States: A Physicians' Proposal
Reprinted from the New England Journal of Medicine 320:102-108 (January 12), 1989

Administrative Waste Consumes 31 Percent of Health Spending
Woolhandler, et al "Costs of Health Administration in the U.S. and Canada," NEJM 349(8) Sept. 21, 2003