H.R. 676 Resolution Campaign

Beginning in November 2006, PNHP launched a national campaign to seek endorsements for the Conyers/Kucinich US National Health Insurance Act (HR 676). Activists are encouraged to seek endorsement resolutions from all sectors of society.

We have provided some resources below for passing HR 676 endorsements. If you pass an endorsement resolution, please let us know by using the submission form below.

List of organizaitons endorsing H.R. 676

Resolution Materials

HR 676 General Resolution (suitable for civic, church, labor, political and other groups.) (MS Word Version)

HR 676 Medical Group Resolution (MS Word version)

Sample Letter and Resolution to Labor Unions to Endorse HR 676

Sample Resolutions

HR 676 Resolution Submission

Has your organization passed a resolution endorsing HR 676? Let us know by using the form below. Within 7 days, we will post your organization on the growing list of endorsers.

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