Single-payer cartoons

"Rising Health Care Costs Stress Test" by RJ Matson

"Magic Revolving Door" by Matt Wuerker, Politico

‎"We are still using leeches to practice health care" by Gary Huck

"Too pig to fail" by Jim Morin

"Good News, Bad News" by Randy Bish

"The Republican vision of Medicare’s future" by David Horsey

"Insurance Premiums" by Lisa Benson

"Denied" by Mike Luckovich

"Dying of Status Quo" by Bruce Beattie

"Your $$$ At Work" by Matt Davies

For every person who dies in a terrorist attack globally, 58 people die in the US due to lack of health care

"Health Insurance Premiums" By Gary Varvel

"Health care reform...or not" by Chan Lowe

"Health Industry Enrichment" by Gary Wise and Lance Aldrich

"Maddeningly simple" by Tom Tomorrow

"Peripheral Vision" by Dan Wasserman

"A Christmas Carol?" by David Fitzsimmons

Three Little Pigs: The Compromise

Political Cartoon: "Health Insurance Insurance" by Jen Sorensen

"Choose Your Own Health Insurance Adventure!" by Jen Sorensen