Single-payer cartoons

"You're making this way too hard" by David Horsey

"Insurance Lobby Gorilla" by Stuart Carlson

"About your stupid little claim" by David Horsey

"Who's In Charge" by John Jonik

"Remind me again..." by Matt Wuerker

"Do no harm" by Jack Ohman

"Pre-Existing Condition" by Jim Morin

"Too big to fix" by Dan Wasserman

The Real Death Panel by John Darkow

"Medicare Scooter" by John Deering

"Return of healthcare reflexes" by Matt Davies

"Bipartisanship" by Nick Anderson

"Health reform stalls" by Matt Wuerker

"Big Health Care Lobby" by Mike Thompson

"The Middleman" by Matt Davies

"Crazy ideas" by John Jonik

"Harry & Louise" by Chan Lowe

"The lobbyists will see you now" by Jim Morin

"Uncle Sam's checkup" by Dan Wasserman

"Wheel of misfortune" by Pat Bagley