Health Spending By State Of Residence, 1991--2004

These data provide a baseline for studying impacts of states' health reform efforts.

by Anne B. Martin, Lekha Whittle, Stephen Heffler, Mary Carol Barron, Andrea Sisko, and Benjamin Washington
Health Affairs

ABSTRACT: Differing trends in health spending by state underlie national spending trends. To shed light on the complexities of health spending patterns among state residents, we present updated per capita health spending estimates by state of residence for 1991--1998 and new estimates for 1999--2004, and we offer summaries of trends exhibited during these time periods. These statistics provide the opportunity for further analysis, such as examination of variations in state-level spending in Medicare, Medicaid, and total personal health care spending, which can yield new perspectives on recent state health spending trends and provide context for policy discussions.

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[Health Affairs 26, no. 6 (2007): w651-- w663 (published online 18 September 2007; 10.1377/hlthaff.26.6.w651)]