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Alan L. Kenwood, MD, FACEP

Dr. Alan Kenwood has been a practicing emergency physician for over 30 years. More than any other specialists, emergency medicine physicians see the faults of our health care system.  Prior to becoming an emergency physician, he served in the US Army Special Forces at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. As a member of PNHP-NJ Dr. Kenwood has spoken all over the state about the benefits of single payer healthcare.

William Thar, MD, MPH

Dr. Thar is a physician who has experience in many sectors of health care. A graduate of Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, he did his residency at the University of Michigan, where he also received his MPH in Health Care Administration and Epidemiology. He has operated a private primary care practice, been the Medical Director of rural public health programs, directed epidemiology programs at a major U.S. corporation, where he also provided medical consultation to their health care benefits programs, and was a developer and Medical Director of a health care management company before his retirement. Dr. Thar has seen the fragmented, expensive, and highly variable care provided in the United States and is committed to the development of a National Health Program based on HR 676 that can serve all of the people of the United States.

Local Unions Endorsing HR676

  • Local 825, Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU), River Edge, NJ
  • Bergen County Central Trades & Labor Council, Paramus, NJ
  • Retirees Council, Bergen County Central Trades and Labor Council, AFL-CIO, Paramus, NJ
  • Local 1L, Amalgamated Lithographers of America, Graphic Communications Conference/International Brother of Teamsters (GCC/IBT Local 1L), New Jersey
  • Mercer County Central Labor Council, Mercer County, NJ
  • Burlington County Central Labor Union, Riverside, NJ
  • Essex-West Hudson Labor Council AFL-CIO, Newark, NJ
  • Local 9, Plumbers and Pipefitters, UA, Englishtown, NJ
  • Passaic County Labor Council
  • Hudson County Central Labor Council AFL-CIO, Jersey City, NJ
  • Middlesex County AFL-CIO Labor Council, North Brunswick, NJ
  • New Jersey State Industrial Union Council

New Jersey State News

Posted on Saturday, September 15, 2018

By Ken Lefkowitz | Courier Post (Cherry Hill, N.J.), September 15, 2018
If someone paid $1,000 for a service they could purchase elsewhere for $512, you’d think they were quite foolish. Yet, that's the situation facing healthcare in America today.

Posted on Monday, August 14, 2017

By Marc H. Lavietes, M.D. | Asbury Park (N.J.) Press, August 14, 2017
I agree with recent letter writers: health care decisions should be between doctor and patient only. However, given the high cost of our pharmacopoeia and modern medical technology, the day of the altruistic physician accepting token payment from less affluent patients is gone.

Posted on Monday, August 3, 2015

By the Editorial Board | The Star-Ledger (Newark, N.J.)
Happy anniversary, Medicare. Like that Italian actress starring in the new James Bond movie, you're looking good at 50.

Posted on Monday, July 20, 2015

By Marc H. Lavietes, M.D. | Asbury Park (N.J.) Press
Mergers of large health care facilities such as that proposed by Barnabas and Robert Wood Johnson are occurring across the country. They are facilitated by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) but are ruinous to the delivery of affordable quality health care.

Posted on Friday, December 6, 2013

By Marc Lavietes, M.D. | Asbury Park (N.J.) Press
Frustration with the rollout of The Affordable Care Act is understandable. We should remember that similar problems and criticisms were rampant when the Medicare program was initiated.

Posted on Monday, March 25, 2013

By W. Dillaway, M.D. | Star-Ledger, Letters (Newark, N.J.)
Unfortunately, the U.S. health care system is far from being on the mend. To the contrary; the U.S. health care system fails irrefutably and unacceptably with both its economics and its ethics.

Posted on Thursday, April 19, 2012

By Winthrop C. Dillaway III, M.D. | The Star-Ledger (N.J.)
In 2009, when President Obama began his term of office, the U.S. health care system was painfully dysfunctional. He announced an initiative for health care reform. Early on, “universal health care” garnered thought and attention. Unfortunately, with the ensuing debate and politics, the concept of universal health care faded and disappeared.