PNHP Vermont Internship, Summer 2018

The Vermont Chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program is offering two, five-week internships during the summer of 2018 for medical students who will have completed their first or second year of training, premedical undergraduate students, and students pursuing other health care professions.

Each intern will receive a stipend of $1500 for five weeks of full-time work.

There are three aspects to the internship:


An educational agenda includes the following topics:

  • Understanding similarities and differences among health systems in other developed countries and comparing these to the United States
  • Understanding how Vermont’s health care system is intertwined with and different from the organization of health care in other states and understanding the obstacles to state-based reform
  • Exploring the history of various reforms to the US multi-payer system at both national and state levels in the US, including demand side reforms (Medicaid, Medicare, Obamacare) and supply side reforms (community health centers, Veterans Administration, Indian Health Service, etc.)
  • Contrasting the advantages and shortcomings of various reform models—voucher-based reforms, categorical reforms (income-based, disease-based, etc.) vs. universal reforms, including single payer reform
  • Evaluating a variety of cost-control strategies, including ACO/HMO structures; bundled payments; global budgeting for hospitals; centralized vs. free-market approaches to distribution of health resources; and approaches toward reducing the cost of pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and equipment
  • The relationship between reform and planning of health information systems and health coverage

This educational effort will include a rigorous reading and audio-visual media curriculum, as well as opportunities for relevant experiences, including visits with/to community health centers, free clinics, hospital administrators, advocacy organizations situated on both sides of Vermont’s reform effort, and leaders within Vermont’s government who are planning Vermont’s health reform.

There will be at least two informal get-togethers of interns with VT-PNHP members to discuss readings, A-V materials, and the live visits.


Interns will develop an outreach/education plan directed at medical students and other health professions students; update the web pages for Vermont’s PNHP groups on the national website; present a single payer talk to an audience of their choice; participate in state and national PNHP conference calls if occurring during the internship; and other outreach and educational activities.


Each intern will develop an independent project to be completed by the last day of the internship.

Students will need their own transportation, computer, and cell phone. Housing may be available to reduce travel time for students studying in different parts of the state. Medical students from any medical school and any state are eligible to apply.

For more information, contact:

Marvin Malek, MD, at OR Kelsey Sullivan, summer 2015 intern, at

To apply:

1. Review the application here.

2. Ask one of your references to please send a letter of reference to Marvin Malek, MD, AND Betty Keller, MD,

3. Send a cover letter AND either:

  • send a resume, supplemented if needed (if all the information requested is not on the resume), OR

Applications will be accepted and interviews offered on a rolling basis.

We look forward to meeting and working with students from the class of 2021!