2011 Annual Meeting Materials

Find below a selection of slideshows and handouts from PNHP's 2011 Annual Meeting. For highlights from the 2011 Annual Meeting, please click here.

The Case for Single Payer in the Obama Era Annual Meeting Main Session
Slideshow: PNHP Short Set and PNHP Long Set By Drs. David Himmelstein and Steffie Woolhandler

Faith, social justice, and organizing in the South Workshop
Highlights from Dr. Pippa Abston
Slideshow: Advocating for Single Payer in the South by Dr. Garrett Adams
Commentary: Building Support for National Health Insurance in the South by Dr. Garrett Adams

Building an effective chapter of PNHP Workshop
Slideshow: PNHP Chapter Organizing - “The Minnesota Experience” from Dr. Ann Settgast
Slideshow: Network from Drs. Mike Huntington and Marc Sapir
Workshop outline from Dr. Mike Huntington

Labor and the movement for single payer Workshop
Sample Resolution Endorsing HR 676 – Single Payer Universal Health Care
Labor Flyer: The way forward for labor on health care--national single payer legislation, HR 676

The state single payer movement Workshop
Slideshow: Act 48: Vermont’s New Health Care: How did we get here? What does it do? What needs to happen next? from Ellen Oxfeld, Ph.D.

Occupy Wall Street and Workshop
Slideshow: OWS, Inequality & Why doctors and other health care workers support OWS from Dr. Steve Auerbach
Workshop notes, useful web links, and media tips from Dr. Steve Auerbach
Useful Articles Dr. Steve Auerbach

The fight to save Britian's NHS
Speech by Dr. Jacqueline Davis, co-founder of Keep our NHS Public

Organizing by medical specialty Workshop
Slides from Drs. Robert Zarr and Deborah Leiderman, and Richard Bruno, medical student

Divestment: A new campaign for single payer Workshop
Slides from Dr. Rob Stone

Why are we here Leadership Dinner
Speech by Dr. Claudia Fegan