Posted on August 1, 2007

Rudy Giuliani's health care proposal


Rudy Giuliani Campaign Announces Health Care Advisors

July 30, 2007

The Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee today announced key advisors who have been providing input on Rudy Giuliani’s commitment to providing affordable free-market-based solutions to health care aimed at giving Americans more control over and access to their health care.

The Mayor’s group of advisors includes well-known advocates of consumer-driven health care and recognized leaders in their respective areas of expertise.

“Rudy Giuliani strongly believes in limited government and giving American families more control over their health care decisions,” said Steve Goldsmith, the campaign’s Chief Domestic Policy Advisor. “He understands that failed mandates and wasteful, unaccountable bureaucracies lead to the exclusion of millions of Americans from quality care and health insurance.”

The Advisors:

Dan Kessler, Ph.D. - a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution and a professor at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University, and co-author of Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise (advocates a free market solution to reform).

Scott Atlas, M.D. - a senior fellow by courtesy at the Hoover Institution whose research includes free market solutions to health care.

David Gratzer, M.D. - a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute whose most recent book, with Foreword by Milton Friedman, is The Cure: How Capitalism Can Save American Health Care.

Sally C. Pipes - president and chief executive officer of the Pacific Research Institute, a San Francisco-based think tank. Previously she was assistant director of the Fraser Institute.

Donald W. Moran - served as the Executive Associate Director for Budget and Legislation at the U.S. Office of Management & Budget under President Ronald Reagan.


Giuliani attacks Democratic health plans as ‘socialist’

By Paul Steinhauser
July 31, 2007

Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani said Tuesday he wants to give American citizens more control over their health care.

“We’ve got to do it the American way,” Giuliani said during a town hall forum in Rochester, New Hampshire. “The American way is not single-payer, government-controlled anything.”

“That’s why when you hear Democrats in particular talk about single-mandated health care, universal health care, what they’re talking about is socialized medicine.”

Giuliani’s health care plan, unveiled at the forum, includes giving taxpayers tax credits to purchase private health insurance. The highlight of Giuliani’s plan: a $15,000 tax deduction for each family to buy private health insurance.

He says his program for private insurance would replace coverage from employers.

While outlining his plan, Giuliani offered few details.


By Don McCanne, MD

Rudy Giuliani’s choice of health care advisors is all you need to know to understand his positions on reform. His decision to trump rational health policy with extremist libertarian ideology does tend to make you question his political skills. He obviously isn’t poll driven.